The Passengers

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By Chris Haigh

Six strangers board a late night, red-eye train in Los Angeles. The train vanishes from the tracks, taking its passengers to a world beyond our own, forcing them to work together in order to survive and to truly understand the world they’ve entered…

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2 replies
  1. Lee A. Chrimes
    Lee A. Chrimes says:

    A good ride, plenty of action throughout and a lively cast of characters. Blending post-apocalyptic landscapes with layered character drama, Chris creates an ever-moving sense of pace and delivers lots of memorable moments through a great eye for action.

  2. TomTom H.
    TomTom H. says:

    One of the most moving scripts I’ve ever had the joy of reading. Chris creates a group of characters that you genuinely root for throughout. Definitely his finest pieces of work yet, if not a highlight of the site in general. An absolute must read.

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