The MZPtv Forums — Benefits of Community

MZPtv has been around for almost 10 years now, and the core of our community are the DISCUSSION FORUMS. We started out with InvisionFree, and then a few years ago finally upgraded to our own self-hosted forums, using SMF as the software. Throughout the years the community has grown, shrunk, grown, and shrunk again, but the core has always been around. We’re a vibrant, jovial, friendly community, always welcome to new users and old alike.

But why join? Here are a few reasons why, in handy numbered format.

1. It’s Our Hub

While it’s true we’re expanding the scope of our website with lots of news, articles and tips, the forums continue to be the centre of everything. It’s where all of our screenwriters and script readers gather when a new release is hosted, it’s where we organise meetups, and where we help each other get better at what we do.

2. Competitions!

To take part in most of our competitions, you’ll need a forum account. It’s possible you’ve missed out on some cool swag because you didn’t notice all the neon signs and VERY LOUD SHOUTING we do on the forums whenever something exciting is happening.

3. We’re All Glorious Geeks

The forums aren’t just a place for writing, we’re also all passionate about pop culture and media. We’ve got forums to discuss Television (our favourite subject), Movies, Video Games, Books, Current Affairs, and all sorts. We’ve always got the latest news and videos, and a place to discuss them.

4. Learning Is Sharing

It can be hard to find a place to share your work — especially when you see all of those very experienced (and sometimes very strict) writers that demand professional quality and have no time for newbs. MZPtv is quite the opposite. We’re all about sharing and growing, helping each other improve at their own pace, and being supportive wherever possible. Most of us are still new to writing, so we know what you’re going through. While MZPtv does strive for high standards, we want you to get there.

5. Phone A Friend

The MZPtv forums are a great place to find likeminded writers and other creative folks. So if you’re looking for writers to bounce ideas off, or beta readers, or someone to tell you your grammar sucks (but it’s okay to want to learn), we’ll have someone who can help.

6. Have Fun

Sometimes after a hard day you just want to kick your shoes off, slump in front of the computer, and forget about your troubles. And that’s awesome. The MZPtv community isn’t all about WORK WORK WORK, we’re also about shooting the breeze and sharing our tales of woe. We’ve got threads for random chit chatting, posting funny or awesome Youtube videos, distracting forum games, or any other nonsense that comes to mind. Maybe you’ve got real life issues that you don’t feel comfortable sharing with friends — well, revel in Internet anonymity and share with us!

7. You Can Be Anything

Continuing the end of #6, MZPtv isn’t prejudiced against pseudonyms. You can be yourself, or you can post under a fake identity if privacy is your thing. We’re open to anyone. We’ve got users who are happy sharing their life stories, and others who don’t even use their real name. It’s cool by us.

8. It’s A Global Thing

MZPtv isn’t just limited to one country — we’ve got users from England, Scotland, Australia, America, Canada, Finland, Italy, and South Africa. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, my friends.

9. Virtual Series, Baby

But when it comes down to it, the greatest thing about our forums are the Virtual Series. Writing, reading, discussing, quoting, pitching — it’s where it all goes down. By becoming a member of our community you can start pitching your own series, sharing your work, and joining in. Once you become a member and get onto a staff (or get your own show), you’ll also earn access to our special Backstage Boards — a private forum where you can develop your work with others. And there’s nothing more fun than breaking stories.

10. Round Numbers

I don’t have a #10, I just really didn’t want to end on an odd number.

Go on, join up. We promise you’ll find something to say.