Somewhere InBetween – Complete Series Boxset

Created by Lee A. Chrimes

Christopher Berkeley is half vampire. The good half, with the strength, regenerative powers and speed of mankind’s natural predator, with only some of the weaknesses.Chris was turned thirty years ago by ancient and powerful vampire elder Sanctus, able to save his humanity and stop the process by use of his extensive knowledge of healing magics, warding spells and everything he could lay his hands on to help.

He is helped on his quest by Twist McFadden, a vampire who fell in with the wrong crowd at a young age, but met her end when she tried to save her baby sister from the rest of her vampire gang. Executed by her former lover, Twist was chained to a hilltop and left to burn in the rays of the morning sun – but things didn’t end there, as Twist awoke to find herself in Hell! Twist ended up in a personally-designed chamber that brought her worst fear to life, until she was accidentally summoned back to Earth by Chris after one of his spells misfired.

Seeing the cure and the chance to help the helpless alongside Chris as her hope of paying off her karmic debts, she became his sidekick and ally. Along the way they picked up two new recruits – vampire DJ and resistance spokesperson Danyael Norton, and doctor turned occult specialist Julie Kingston. Together, the team discovered that there was another route to finding the cure – an ancient healing device, its parts split up and spread across the globe, but if reconstructed could be the answer Chris has been looking for…


This VDVD set contains:

– Season 1 (22 episodes in PDF format)
– Season 2 (22 episodes in PDF format)
– Season 3 (22 episodes in PDF format)
– Season 4 (22 episodes in PDF format)

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Night Stalker

Developed by James Jordan

There are things in the dark, things adults deny but children are right to fear…

Carl Kolchak is the “Night Stalker,” a newspaper reporter who investigates strange deaths and unexplained phenomena. He asks the questions that no one else will about the cases the police can’t, or won’t, solve.

Eighteen months ago, a sudden attack on a deserted highway left reporter Carl Kolchak injured but alive. His wife wasn’t so lucky. Since then, his determination to find out who, or what, killed her has led him to track other unexplained, violent deaths, all seemingly touched by the supernatural. How are the crimes related? And why do some victims end up with a strange red birthmark on their wrists?

Kolchak is convinced that something terrible is happening, but the authorities, especially the FBI, don’t seem to agree; in their eyes, Kolchak is the prime suspect in his wife’s death.

A murder shockingly similar to his wife’s leads Kolchak to Los Angeles, where he has signed on as a writer for the Los Angeles Beacon. Senior crime reporter Perri Reed is skeptical of Kolchak’s wild theories, but impressed by his uncanny ability to ferret out information that no one else dares to. Young and ambitious photographer Jain McManus is eager to go follow Kolchak’s unorthodox instincts. Together, Reed and McManus will aid Kolchak as he follows the bizarre and inexplicable stories that won’t be printed in any newspaper.

Based on the cult-favorite classic ’70s series but reimagined by Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files) in 2005, Night Stalker stars Stuart Townsend (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) as Carl Kolchak, Gabrielle Union (The Honeymooners) as Perri Reed, Eric Jungmann (Not Another Teen Movie) as Jain McManus and Cotter Smith (X2) as Tony Vincenzo.

Canceled after just six episodes by ABC, this virtual continuation picks up where the twelve original scripts left off and finishes the first season with ten new episodes before moving into the future. James Jordan (Millennium) serves as executive producer, heading up a diverse and talented staff.

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This VDVD set contains:

* All 10 episodes remastered in PDF format
* A Conversation with James Jordan
* Bonus Episodes from Season 1.0 “Ascendant” and “The M Word”
* Promotional Archive
* Main Title Sequence
* Easter Egg: Millennium 5×01

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This VDVD set contains:

* All 20 episodes remastered in PDF format

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Millennium Virtual Season 5


Executive Producer

Executive Producer

Retired serial profiler Frank Black has a special gift, the ability to see into the minds of criminals. Seven years after the dawn of the millennium, Frank (Lance Henriksen) thinks he has finally left the dark intrigue and harrowing imagery of his former life behind. However, whilst working as a part-time lecturer at the FBI’s Quantico Academy, Frank is approached by one of his former students named Brad Locke (James Badge Dale) to come back and help solve some of his most challenging cases.

Realising that the danger to such innocents as his daughter Jordan cannot be ignored, Frank once again becomes a key player in the fight against the evils of the world. Though the year 2000 has long since passed, it becomes apparent that the most gruesome acts of inhumanity are still on the rise, and that uncanny current events which presage the prophesied End Times are as prevalent as they have ever been.

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Malleus Maleficarum – Complete Series Boxset

Created by Li Robb

Malleus Maleficarum is a supernatural drama, following Selene du Miette, a fifteenth century witch who dies at the hands of the Inquisition, only to open her eyes and find herself in Paris in 2009.

At first, Selene in unable to process what has happened – until she is saved by Lunette Dillon and Nicholas Chance, who seem more than aware of the supernatural themselves.

While trying to get used to her new life, Selene realizes that her old life isn’t so far behind her. With modern Paris just as full of the same supernatural (and not-so-super) foes that she’s used to, it looks like there’s no chance of retiring just yet…even if you have died.

Along with Lunette, Nicholas and other companions and uneasy alliances, Selene continues on her path towards an uncertain future. But why has she been given a second chance?


This VDVD set contains:
– 4 Season 1 Teasers
– Complete Season 1 (10 episodes in PDF format)
– Complete Season 2 (10 episodes in PDF format)
– Christmas Webisode
– Complete Season 3 (10 episodes in PDF format)
– 5 Character Webisodes
– Incomplete Season 4 (5 episodes in PDF format)

MM Timeline (and Suggested Reading Order)

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The DSR – Complete Series Boxset

Created by A.J. Black

An original virtual series, and a spin-off from hit TV show Alias. When charming mercenary James ‘Jai’ Shaw loses his wife and brother to an evil and supernatural enemy, he is drawn into running a covert unit inside the Department of Special Research, a secret US agency who seek out and destroy paranormal threats the world have no idea even exist.

Join Jai and a crack team on a rollercoaster ride full of action, mystery, twists and turns, that will unlock a whole new, incredible side to the Alias universe – The DSR…

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VDVD Contents:

* 22 season 1 episodes in PDF format
* 22 season 2 episodes in PDF format
* 23 season 3 episodes in PDF format
…plus a s3 prequel and an additional s3 companion piece to 3×06 “Nerd/Off”
* 20 season 4 episodes in PDF format
* 20 season 5 episodes in PDF format

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