Firefly: Still Flying – Complete Series Boxset

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Based on characters created by Joss Whedon

Developed for VS by George W. Krubski & Staff

Still Flying was a fan-based site/forum dedicated to a “virtual continuation” of Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” in the form of scripts of additional episodes. The talented crew of writers, producers, artists and proofers rounded out Season One, completing it with seven new episodes (including a season finale based on “Serenity: Those Left Behind” from Dark Horse Comics).

Season Two is dedicated to exploring the question, “What would things have been like if Joss Whedon had been able to tell the story of Serenity in 22 episodes rather than 2 hours?” Their story will take you to most of the same places the movie does, but the path along the way will be a little different, and a lot longer.

What is the secret locked in River Tam’s brain and what does this mean for the crew?

With Book and Inara off the ship, Mal’s bad luck continues as it seems he can barely keep his crew together and fed. Even the most lucrative jobs often turn out to be more trouble than they are worth.

Pursued by the Alliance, bounty hunters, and other mysterious enemies, the crew of Serenity does everything it can just to keep flying.

This project has been put together by those who care about the show, and they took this bird up out of love. Like most Browncoats, we know that Whedon will return to us with another movie, book, or some other way to continue the tale he started in “Firefly.” Until that time, we’ll be here. We will hold the line.

We can’t show you exactly how Joss Whedon would’ve done it, but we can tell you…

“Here’s how it might have been…”

This VDVD set contains:

– All 7 Season 1 episodes in PDF format (1×16-1×22)
– All 22 Season 2 episodes in PDF format

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New London

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By Jackson Tyler

New London is a sci-fi action movie about detective Katie Moore and her husband Victor, who uncover a sinister plot which threatens the safety of the entire galaxy. After five people are killed in a matter of hours, disaster strikes, leaving New London a flaming wreck in the sky. With time running out, stranded opposite sides of the system, Katie and Victor must find a way to save themselves and their home, before the entire galaxy plunges back into war.

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Star Wars – A New Hope

Created by George Lucas

Developed for VS by J.B. Gibson

It is a time of peace and prosperity in the Galaxy. With the Rise of the GALACTIC EMPIRE following the end of the CLONE WARS, the Galaxy has seen an economic boom like none other in its history.

Fearing dissention against their grand works, the Empire has dispatched private police to try and apprehend criminals to stop them from spreading their anti-Imperial propaganda across the galaxy.

One person is the PRINCESS OF ALDERAAN, LEIA ORGANA, daughter to Senator Organa. Aboard her ship she tries to flee from the lawful search of her ship for any wrong doing….

After the Clone Wars, the Galactic Republic fell into Chaos. It was the rise of a Politician from the distant planet Naboo, that the first seeds of the Empire were born. Using the anarchy and dissolution, this PALPATINE, with the help of a Warrior known as Darth Vader, seized power in the vacuum and organized those most loyal to him into a council meant to lead the GALACTIC EMPIRE.

His power and prestige grew at an exponential rate until a vast majority of the former Republic has sworn their allegiance to him within just two years time. The rest he led a ‘Grand Crusade’ into furthest reaches of the galaxy to free the distant planets from what he called the ‘Darkest Shadow of the Republic’

But there were those who saw him for what he was, a cunning and brilliant politician who had somehow managed to trick trillions of citizens into seeing that sole power in him was the best course of action. Among these were the entire Jedi Council, who upon discovering that he was in fact a Dark Lord of the Sith, the Jedi’s antithesis and sworn enemy, and that he had in fact seduced one of their own to the dark side, launched a political and military campaign to try and force him from power.

But they were too late. The Emperor’s strength had grown too fast and consolidated long before they had even realized what was happening. Most were wiped out and hunted down by the Empire. But some survived…

Knowing that the Jedi were the greatest threat to his power, The Emperor has tasked his servant, Darth Vader, with their complete annihilation. Using Republic works as an excuse to clamp down on the population of the galaxy and become even more oppressive, Darth Vader has led a quest across the galaxy for over twenty years, hunting for the last of his former comrades.

Now, some have begun to realize just what the Empire really is and the first whispers of REBELLION are starting to drift on the galactic winds…

Written by J.B. Gibson

In a galaxy far, far away, Princess Leia Organa is forced to send for help from an aging warrior, Obi-Wan Kenobi, on a distant desert planet. Her couriers encounter a young farm boy, Luke Skywalker, and bring him into the fold of a galactic struggle that will forever change his life…

Written by J.B. Gibson

As Luke deals with his feelings of loss and a destroyed world, he and Obi-Wan Kenobi travel to the port city of Mos Eisley to search for passage off of the planet. There they meet the smuggler Han Solo and his companion Chewbacca…

Written by J.B. Gibson

With the capture of the Millennium Falcon, our heroes must find a way of the massive station known as the Death Star. Matters are complicated further as they realize that their reason for their journey is right alongside them…

Written by J.B. Gibson

It’s the last stand as Luke and his friends decide that they will go down swinging against all odds rather than be chased around the galaxy by Imperial Forces. The only question is: how can they win?

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Predator III

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Written by A. J. Black

2106. The dawn of a new space faring era.

The NASA shuttle Endeavour – the very first ‘impulse’ ship, an apex of propulsion allowing for solar system travel to take 1/10th as long as established speed – has been diverted from its maiden voyage of exploration beyond colonised Mars to investigate the loss of contact from Yutani station, the first deep space orbital facility positioned on the very edge of our solar system – beyond which no human has ever ventured.

Led by illustrious and heroic Spanish commander, Captain Diego Sanetza – born of a sea and space faring lineage going back centuries – the Endeavour and its rag tag crew believe their mission to be a straightforward repair operation.

How wrong they are.

Upon arrival at Yutani station, Sanetza and his crew face a baffling mystery: the entire personnel have vanished, those whose blood of course doesn’t line the walls! Something killed them. Something terrifying. Something inhuman. And something the Endeavour crew soon come to realise is still there and THEY… are its next targets.

But in coming face to face with this menace, Sanetza – in fighting the greatest battle of his life – also comes to discover a startling connection between the so-called ‘Predator’ and his family dynasty that could be the key to saving not only his crew, but all life on Earth…

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