LXG: Allan Quartermain and the City of the Immortals

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Based on characters created by H. RIDER HAGGARD

Screenplay PETE D. GASKELL

Join ALLAN QUATERMAIN – legendary adventurer and obtainer of extraordinary treasures – as he searches for the most tantalising prize of all! This journey is more fraught than even Quatermain can imagine, however, as he and his merry band face down dangerous death traps, madmen, huge armies, natural predators, and, lastly, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed! But there is a still greater peril waiting in the wings for Quatermain – that of his own past waiting for him once more in…THE CITY OF THE IMMORTALS!

This is the second film in the ever-expanding LEAGUE universe!

Aired: August 25th, 2014

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007: The Universe Is Ours

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based on a character created by IAN FLEMING
written by A J. BLACK

Following the assassination of a primary figure in European politics at a major summit, James Bond 007 finds himself accused of the crime and becomes drawn into a dangerous conspiracy reaching the highest levels of power, taking him from the elegant mountains of Andorra to the barren outback of Australia & the murky shadows of Eastern Europe, as he strives to clear his name, expose a bigger threat to world peace, and finally discover who he truly wants to be…

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Brand New Pilot Movie! Star Trek: New Generation

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Based on ‘Star Trek’ created by

Developed for VS and Written by

The 24th century. The USS Enterprise-D, under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, are drawn into a highly dangerous situation deep in the heart of the Klingon Empire, one which will bring a crew together and threaten to tear the United Federation of Planets apart…

(AIRDATE: September 3rd, 2013)

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LXG: Alice’s Adventures

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Based on a character created by LEWIS CARROLL

Screenplay by LEE A. CHRIMES

Victorian London. Alice Liddell is now a grown woman, and tales of her childhood visits to Wonderland have led to the creation of a new story, one which eminent author Lewis Carroll (also known as Charles Dodgson) is ready to publish. Fate has other plans for young Alice, however, as she finds herself drawn back down the rabbit hole and into a world beyond even her own considerably wild imagination…

Aired: September 2nd, 2013

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The Boogeyman

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By Darrin McCann

15 years after the gruesome murders of four local children, the only survivor Zachary James is still running from the Boogeyman. He lands himself in St. Francis Psychiatric Hospital where his fears continue to run rampant as patients start to disappear one by one. Can Zack save the few left and face his fears, or is this the opportunity the Boogeyman’s been waiting for?

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