The X-Files: Fight the Truth

Developed for VS by AJ Black

Created by Chris Carter

“The truth… is still out there…”

In the year 1946, J. Edgar Hoover – founder of the Federal Bureau of Investigation – opened a murder investigation that would remain unsolved for almost 50 years. In doing so, he opened the first ever unexplained case that by the early 1950’s would become known, unofficially, as the ‘X-Files’ – a case deemed unsolvable by the FBI – stored in a drawer marked ‘X’, giving them their unusual moniker.

From 1952 onwards, the ‘X-Files’ were ran by Arthur Dales, an FBI touched by the supernatural while being drawn into a secret government project in xenotransplantation. His career in tatters, Dales investigated X-Files for years but ultimately retired without bringing the work into the mainstream… and the unsolved cases remained filed away, buried in the FBI depths…

Until 1990… when they were rediscovered by an intrepid FBI criminal profiler: Fox Mulder.

He spent the next 12 years at the FBI investigating paranormal phenomena, eschewing a promising career to pursue and prove his belief in extra-terrestrial life based on the believed-alien abduction of his sister as a boy. Aided for many years by his sceptical FBI partner, medical doctor Dana Scully, Mulder uncovered through the X-Files incredible personal and global truths – exposing a vast government conspiracy to conceal not only the existence of alien life but far darker secrets beyond, as well as encountering a wide spectrum of supernatural phenomena: poltergeists, vampires, werewolves, demons, almost anything you can imagine.

By 2002, Mulder had bitten off more he could chew – he lost the X-Files, which disappeared from the FBI basement they had resided in for more than a decade, perhaps lost… forever…


300 million homes across the United States are reached by a broadcast, hacked into by a mysterious young man, proclaiming an apocalyptic event is about to occur…

In Knoxville, Tennessee, a retired Gulf War veteran is killed by an unidentified retro-virus after being pursued by a sinister figure…

And an intrepid young reporter, eager to put the pieces together, begins to unravel a puzzle that will rediscover the X-Files, and a quest for truth which will decide the fate of the entire world…

The Truth Is Here

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Star Wars – A New Hope

Created by George Lucas

Developed for VS by J.B. Gibson

It is a time of peace and prosperity in the Galaxy. With the Rise of the GALACTIC EMPIRE following the end of the CLONE WARS, the Galaxy has seen an economic boom like none other in its history.

Fearing dissention against their grand works, the Empire has dispatched private police to try and apprehend criminals to stop them from spreading their anti-Imperial propaganda across the galaxy.

One person is the PRINCESS OF ALDERAAN, LEIA ORGANA, daughter to Senator Organa. Aboard her ship she tries to flee from the lawful search of her ship for any wrong doing….

After the Clone Wars, the Galactic Republic fell into Chaos. It was the rise of a Politician from the distant planet Naboo, that the first seeds of the Empire were born. Using the anarchy and dissolution, this PALPATINE, with the help of a Warrior known as Darth Vader, seized power in the vacuum and organized those most loyal to him into a council meant to lead the GALACTIC EMPIRE.

His power and prestige grew at an exponential rate until a vast majority of the former Republic has sworn their allegiance to him within just two years time. The rest he led a ‘Grand Crusade’ into furthest reaches of the galaxy to free the distant planets from what he called the ‘Darkest Shadow of the Republic’

But there were those who saw him for what he was, a cunning and brilliant politician who had somehow managed to trick trillions of citizens into seeing that sole power in him was the best course of action. Among these were the entire Jedi Council, who upon discovering that he was in fact a Dark Lord of the Sith, the Jedi’s antithesis and sworn enemy, and that he had in fact seduced one of their own to the dark side, launched a political and military campaign to try and force him from power.

But they were too late. The Emperor’s strength had grown too fast and consolidated long before they had even realized what was happening. Most were wiped out and hunted down by the Empire. But some survived…

Knowing that the Jedi were the greatest threat to his power, The Emperor has tasked his servant, Darth Vader, with their complete annihilation. Using Republic works as an excuse to clamp down on the population of the galaxy and become even more oppressive, Darth Vader has led a quest across the galaxy for over twenty years, hunting for the last of his former comrades.

Now, some have begun to realize just what the Empire really is and the first whispers of REBELLION are starting to drift on the galactic winds…

Written by J.B. Gibson

In a galaxy far, far away, Princess Leia Organa is forced to send for help from an aging warrior, Obi-Wan Kenobi, on a distant desert planet. Her couriers encounter a young farm boy, Luke Skywalker, and bring him into the fold of a galactic struggle that will forever change his life…

Written by J.B. Gibson

As Luke deals with his feelings of loss and a destroyed world, he and Obi-Wan Kenobi travel to the port city of Mos Eisley to search for passage off of the planet. There they meet the smuggler Han Solo and his companion Chewbacca…

Written by J.B. Gibson

With the capture of the Millennium Falcon, our heroes must find a way of the massive station known as the Death Star. Matters are complicated further as they realize that their reason for their journey is right alongside them…

Written by J.B. Gibson

It’s the last stand as Luke and his friends decide that they will go down swinging against all odds rather than be chased around the galaxy by Imperial Forces. The only question is: how can they win?

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Eden – Complete Mini-Series Boxset


Written by Dino Leone

Eden: A small, quiet community, who look after their own and where everyone knows one another. But during the months of August through October 1990, the town suffered a series of child abductions. No one knew who the perpetrators were. Everyone began pointing the finger at one another. As the local law enforcement tried to contain and solve the baffling crimes, there could only be a tragic outcome to all of this.

On October 27th 1990, one of Eden’s prominent families was wiped out in a single night. Only one survived the massacre: a little girl named Elisha Aegis. For Elisha, the rest of her life wouldn’t be the same.

Twelve years later Elisha returns to Eden, together with her husband, Abel; she must come to terms with trauma of her childhood. But has she awakened a sleeping nightmare? The longer she stays in Eden; the details of that night begin to filter through. She starts seeing a pattern, despite what the evidence around stipulates.

This VDVD set contains:

— All 8 episodes in PDF format

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Chosen – Complete Mini-Series Boxset

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Written by Chris Haigh
Produced by A. J. Black

CHOSEN is a new, original five-part mini-series created and written by Chris Haigh.


The seedy underworld of modern day London seeps into a local church one bright September morning as a nun discovers the body of a young woman, trussed up in Satanic garb and markings, the blade of an ancient sacrificial dagger in her chest…

…and it’s up the London Metropolitan Police service to solve her brutal murder – led by strong, troubled and brilliant DI Ezra Thomas, DCI Henry Travers and their team of loyal officers and aided by Dr Laura McIntyre, a young, perky coroner.

However, nothing is as it seems as the murder investigation into young university student Lorelai Jacobs develops and the team are forced to confront a terrifying scenario, a decades-old conspiracy that winds its way to the highest conglomerate powers and the sudden, brutal dangers which their own face as they traverse deeper into an underworld none of them could have expected and have to deal with their own faith as unspeakable acts surround them in the darkness…

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