The X-Files: Fight the Truth

Developed for VS by AJ Black

Created by Chris Carter

“The truth… is still out there…”

In the year 1946, J. Edgar Hoover – founder of the Federal Bureau of Investigation – opened a murder investigation that would remain unsolved for almost 50 years. In doing so, he opened the first ever unexplained case that by the early 1950’s would become known, unofficially, as the ‘X-Files’ – a case deemed unsolvable by the FBI – stored in a drawer marked ‘X’, giving them their unusual moniker.

From 1952 onwards, the ‘X-Files’ were ran by Arthur Dales, an FBI touched by the supernatural while being drawn into a secret government project in xenotransplantation. His career in tatters, Dales investigated X-Files for years but ultimately retired without bringing the work into the mainstream… and the unsolved cases remained filed away, buried in the FBI depths…

Until 1990… when they were rediscovered by an intrepid FBI criminal profiler: Fox Mulder.

He spent the next 12 years at the FBI investigating paranormal phenomena, eschewing a promising career to pursue and prove his belief in extra-terrestrial life based on the believed-alien abduction of his sister as a boy. Aided for many years by his sceptical FBI partner, medical doctor Dana Scully, Mulder uncovered through the X-Files incredible personal and global truths – exposing a vast government conspiracy to conceal not only the existence of alien life but far darker secrets beyond, as well as encountering a wide spectrum of supernatural phenomena: poltergeists, vampires, werewolves, demons, almost anything you can imagine.

By 2002, Mulder had bitten off more he could chew – he lost the X-Files, which disappeared from the FBI basement they had resided in for more than a decade, perhaps lost… forever…


300 million homes across the United States are reached by a broadcast, hacked into by a mysterious young man, proclaiming an apocalyptic event is about to occur…

In Knoxville, Tennessee, a retired Gulf War veteran is killed by an unidentified retro-virus after being pursued by a sinister figure…

And an intrepid young reporter, eager to put the pieces together, begins to unravel a puzzle that will rediscover the X-Files, and a quest for truth which will decide the fate of the entire world…

The Truth Is Here

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The Boogeyman

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By Darrin McCann

15 years after the gruesome murders of four local children, the only survivor Zachary James is still running from the Boogeyman. He lands himself in St. Francis Psychiatric Hospital where his fears continue to run rampant as patients start to disappear one by one. Can Zack save the few left and face his fears, or is this the opportunity the Boogeyman’s been waiting for?

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By Tom East

The pupils of Sunset Valley High School are about to get a big shock. The hottest actor in the business, Daniel Sheldon, is coming to their school and it’s their chance to get noticed and get well on their way to becoming successful actors in their own right. Everybody dreams of having the perfect life but only a select few will go to such measures as to make sure they get it. The only question is: who will go the furthest?

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Modesty Blaise: I, Lucifer

A mini-series sequel to the movie MODESTY BLAISE by Pete D. Gaskell…

written by Pete D. Gaskell
Based on the works of Peter O’Donnell

Willie Garvin is on the hunt of an old enemy in an attempt to turn the page on a particularly brutal chapter of his past. But as events begin to spiral out of his control, he finds himself swimming in deeper and darker waters than he could possibly have imagined. Only one thing for it – time to call in the incomparable Modesty Blaise…

written by Pete D. Gaskell
Based on the works of Peter O’Donnell

Modesty and Willie scour the world in a desperate manhunt, searching for the stolen Diana. But as they close in on their target, are they prepared for what they’ll face in the lair of Lucifer himself?

written by Pete D. Gaskell
Based on the works of Peter O’Donnell

As Seth’s grand plan nears its completion, Modesty finds her world collapsing all around her. Pushed to breaking point, she has to use every ounce of nous and guile she has to survive, whatever the cost. Seth and his associates are about to learn that there’s nothing more dangerous than a cornered animal…

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