Modesty Blaise: I, Lucifer

A mini-series sequel to the movie MODESTY BLAISE by Pete D. Gaskell…

written by Pete D. Gaskell
Based on the works of Peter O’Donnell

Willie Garvin is on the hunt of an old enemy in an attempt to turn the page on a particularly brutal chapter of his past. But as events begin to spiral out of his control, he finds himself swimming in deeper and darker waters than he could possibly have imagined. Only one thing for it – time to call in the incomparable Modesty Blaise…

written by Pete D. Gaskell
Based on the works of Peter O’Donnell

Modesty and Willie scour the world in a desperate manhunt, searching for the stolen Diana. But as they close in on their target, are they prepared for what they’ll face in the lair of Lucifer himself?

written by Pete D. Gaskell
Based on the works of Peter O’Donnell

As Seth’s grand plan nears its completion, Modesty finds her world collapsing all around her. Pushed to breaking point, she has to use every ounce of nous and guile she has to survive, whatever the cost. Seth and his associates are about to learn that there’s nothing more dangerous than a cornered animal…

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Blood Red Shoes – Complete Series Boxset

Created by Li Robb

August 1st should have been the happiest day of Alex and Ben’s lives. Having met in college eight years ago, the two of them quickly struck up a relationship that managed to stand strong through the various conflicts of their two eccentric and often clashing families, all leading to this day, where the two are set to finally make things official.

But, as Alex firmly believes, God is a bitch. You see, neither of them had the foresight to predict that their civil union would take place on the same day as a zombie apocalypse…

Sequence 1 – Uncivil Union (8 webisodes)
Sequence 2 – Sanctuary (8 webisodes)
Sequence 3 – The Woods Today (8 webisodes)
Sequence 4 – Camp (8 webisodes – plus the unedited first draft of 4×04)

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Sequence 5 – Separation Anxiety (8 webisodes)
Special features – Rules for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse, Blood Red Shoes … in Ink? & S5 Production Book

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Sequence 6 – Uncivil Reunion (8 webisodes)

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Developed by Pete D. Gaskell

based on the works of Douglas Adams

“Today must be a Thursday. I never did get the hang of Thursdays.”

THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY is a new six-part mini-series developed by Pete D. Gaskell, based on the acclaimed books by Douglas Adams.

Arthur Dent had been having a bad morning. Not only was he tired, hungover, and depressed, he found out that his home was scheduled for demolition to make way for a new bypass. Just when he thought his day couldn’t get any worse, Ford Prefect turned up. And then the day got much, much worse…

Alone in a universe he cannot comprehend with only a gibbering madman from Betelgeuse for company, Arthur finds his longing for a quiet, trouble-free life put to the test.

In a completely different part of the universe entirely, Galactic President Zaphod Beeblebrox goes for one final crazy Presidential stunt – the theft of the experimental new ship, the Heart of Gold. It contains the most revolutionary method of propulsion ever invented – the fabled Infinite Improbability Drive. Can this ship successfully restore Zaphod’s lost sense of adventure?

The wildest ride this side of the Orion Belt isn’t far away – so grab onto your towels and remember two very important words of advice:


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Modesty Blaise

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Written by Pete D. Gaskell

Intelligence agents around the world are disappearing, being hired for an army of mercenaries, fighting for an unknown cause. Desperate to get to the bottom of the mystery, head of British Intelligence Sir Gerald Tarrant plays a hunch – enlisting the incredible talents of two legendary criminals. One is Willie Garvin. The other…is Modesty Blaise…

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Weeki Wachee – Complete Series Boxset

Created by Angelo Shrine

“For the life of me, I can’t imagine what sort of currency would be acceptable here”.

Weeki Wachee, Florida: strange name, stranger town. Weeki Wachee is a half-hour comedy series dealing with the civilized concept of sanity in a small town. The isolated town of Weeki Wachee serves as the central character in this series, and we explore this town’s wackiness through the investigations by the police precinct.

The series features a character ensemble of all shapes, sizes, colors, and IQs, with standalone episodes, a continuing mythology, and endless stories about the town’s truly manic citizens.

London (chief of police) and his girlfriend Cairo (district attorney) are court-ordered to serve in Weeki Wachee, Florida after London’s disgruntled history on the force in Miami. However, London soon realizes that his punishment may be greater than the crime, as the entire town — isolated from the rest of the country and surrounded entirely by swampland — has spiralled into insanity. The mayor of Weeki Wachee informs them that the citizens waited their entire lives for a prophetic message of Weeki Wachee’s future, but the message that’s ultimately revealed turns out to be the final straw in the town’s lunacy. Police officers Galena, Yalgoo, and Prague immediately take a disliking to London. Nevertheless, Cairo convinces her boyfriend that they must all work together in order to save the town from itself.


This VDVD set contains:
– Complete Season 1 (21 episodes in PDF format)
– Complete Season 2 (11 episodes in PDF format)

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