Predator III

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Written by A. J. Black

2106. The dawn of a new space faring era.

The NASA shuttle Endeavour – the very first ‘impulse’ ship, an apex of propulsion allowing for solar system travel to take 1/10th as long as established speed – has been diverted from its maiden voyage of exploration beyond colonised Mars to investigate the loss of contact from Yutani station, the first deep space orbital facility positioned on the very edge of our solar system – beyond which no human has ever ventured.

Led by illustrious and heroic Spanish commander, Captain Diego Sanetza – born of a sea and space faring lineage going back centuries – the Endeavour and its rag tag crew believe their mission to be a straightforward repair operation.

How wrong they are.

Upon arrival at Yutani station, Sanetza and his crew face a baffling mystery: the entire personnel have vanished, those whose blood of course doesn’t line the walls! Something killed them. Something terrifying. Something inhuman. And something the Endeavour crew soon come to realise is still there and THEY… are its next targets.

But in coming face to face with this menace, Sanetza – in fighting the greatest battle of his life – also comes to discover a startling connection between the so-called ‘Predator’ and his family dynasty that could be the key to saving not only his crew, but all life on Earth…

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