When charming mercenary James ‘Jai’ Shaw loses his wife and brother to an evil and supernatural enemy, he is drawn into running a covert unit inside the Department of Special Research, a secret US agency who seek out and destroy paranormal threats the world have no idea even exist. Join Jai and a crack team on a rollercoaster ride full of action, mystery, twists and turns, that will unlock a whole new, incredible side to the ‘Alias’ universe!

Developed by A.J. Black

Episodes and VDVDs

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An original virtual series, and a spin-off from hit TV show ALIAS, developed by A.J. Black.

VDVD Contents:
* 22 season 1 episodes in PDF format
* 22 season 2 episodes in PDF format
* 23 season 3 episodes in PDF format, plus a s3 prequel and an additional s3 companion piece to 3×06 “Nerd/Off”
* 20 season 4 episodes in PDF format
* 20 season 5 episodes in PDF format