“Welcome to the Company. Not quite Hell, but close enough”.
— Andrew Friar, Episode 1×01 “Connect”

“The Company” is a fantasy drama about 16-year-old Vi Morgan and her adventures as part of an otherworldly corporation which is dedicated to keeping the universe in balance.

After she dies unexpectedly, Vi finds herself in an office building where she’s given the opportunity to return to life. The only catch is that she must to agree to become an employee of the Company and help people out in the real world.

Vi is a normal teenager with no desire to get involved in the lives of others. However, because of the contract she signed, she has no choice. Now, Vi must deal with not only her new job but also school, family and the public curiosity surrounding her mysterious return from the grave.

Each episode sees Vi following Signs (messages only she can see) and receiving assignments that direct her to people who need her help. These tasks also force Vi to confront her own issues and begin her journey towards adulthood.

Created by Sarah-Jane Sheppard

Episodes and VDVDs

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