Somewhere InBetween – Complete Series Boxset

Created by Lee A. Chrimes

Christopher Berkeley is half vampire. The good half, with the strength, regenerative powers and speed of mankind’s natural predator, with only some of the weaknesses.Chris was turned thirty years ago by ancient and powerful vampire elder Sanctus, able to save his humanity and stop the process by use of his extensive knowledge of healing magics, warding spells and everything he could lay his hands on to help.

He is helped on his quest by Twist McFadden, a vampire who fell in with the wrong crowd at a young age, but met her end when she tried to save her baby sister from the rest of her vampire gang. Executed by her former lover, Twist was chained to a hilltop and left to burn in the rays of the morning sun – but things didn’t end there, as Twist awoke to find herself in Hell! Twist ended up in a personally-designed chamber that brought her worst fear to life, until she was accidentally summoned back to Earth by Chris after one of his spells misfired.

Seeing the cure and the chance to help the helpless alongside Chris as her hope of paying off her karmic debts, she became his sidekick and ally. Along the way they picked up two new recruits – vampire DJ and resistance spokesperson Danyael Norton, and doctor turned occult specialist Julie Kingston. Together, the team discovered that there was another route to finding the cure – an ancient healing device, its parts split up and spread across the globe, but if reconstructed could be the answer Chris has been looking for…


This VDVD set contains:

– Season 1 (22 episodes in PDF format)
– Season 2 (22 episodes in PDF format)
– Season 3 (22 episodes in PDF format)
– Season 4 (22 episodes in PDF format)

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