Slayer Academy is set in the world of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, following a class of young Slayers as they enrol at the newly-formed Rupert Giles Academy, hoping to learn more about their abilities.

Italian born, British raised Sofia Romero was rescued from a demon auction by Xander and Giles, spending some time in Cleveland as she learned more of the Slayer trade fighting alongside Buffy. Seeing the Academy as the ideal place to develop her skills and abilities, Sofia is a natural leader with her self confidence and cool head under pressure already having gotten her out of plenty of trouble!

Former Cleveland High art student Skye didn’t know she was a Slayer when a vampire attack turned her into some kind of hybrid – a Slayer and a vampire! Sent to LA where she spent six months working with Angel, Skye had just started a relationship with Spike when events in LA took a downward turn, and she accepted the offer to join the Academy in an attempt to find her feet again.

The Academy itself was founded by the late Rupert Giles, using a combination of Council funds and donations from several like-minded organisations to purchase and renovate an abandoned private school in England, his mission statement being to provide an environment where the new Slayer line could learn more about their new powers, and the responsibilities that come with them.

Catch up with Sofia, Skye, Emma, Frankie and Alita as they train to face the evil that lurks in the outside world, hoping that they’ll get the chance to live a little in the meantime!

Developed by Lee A. Chrimes & Chris Kelly & Paul Robinson

Episodes and VDVDs

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This VDVD boxset contains:

— All 22 episodes of Season One (PDF, HTML)
— All 22 episodes of Season Two (PDF, HTML)
— All 22 episodes of Season Three (PDF, HTML)
— All 22 episodes of Season Four (PDF, HTML)
— All 22 Season Four webisodes (PDF, HTML)
— All 22 episodes of Season Five (PDF, HMTL)
— All 12 Season Five webisodes (PDF, HTML)
— Info on the full cast and crew of each season.

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