Shackles – Complete Series Boxset

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Created by Angelo Shrine

“The Poisoned are ruthless. They stop at nothing. Some are even believed to have inhuman powers.”

When Duncan Truant is released from prison after 21 years, his celebration is cut short when he realizes that the world he once knew is completely gone. Duncan’s hopes of reconciling with his family are cut short when his mysterious mother shows up and introduces him to his new life: stopping a group of monstrous humans known as The Poisoned, before they’re able to destroy the world they once called home.

As it turns out, The Poisoned once lived normal lives. They had familes. They wept. And they were all mysteriously healed over the past two decades by a quiet man named Milgate Epoch. Epoch possessed the special gift of healing, something that had been passed on throughout the generations. The catch? If Epoch didn’t pass on the gift to somebody else before he died, then every person he ever healed would then become poisoned with the gift’s opposite.

Unfortunately for us all, when Epoch died, the gift died with him….

This VDVD boxset contains:
~ Every single episode, in PDF format, from all 4 seasons!

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