Schism – Complete Series Boxset

Written by A. J. Black

A prequel to the full series of SCHISM. Rachel Tyler, a budding young musician and part-time journalist in San Francisco, is dragged into a brand new world on the eve of her 20th birthday when her father is abducted by the Schism – a mysterious force of vampire warriors. Rachel finds help from three equally mysterious figures who not only seek to save her father, but the Schism from itself…

(Airdate: August 17th, 2008)

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Developed by Tony Black

An original virtual series, a spin-off from The DSR, revolving around the Schism – a centuries-old order of religious warrior vampires who protect their race, and indeed humanity, from evil believing they are doing God’s work. Join us on an extraordinary adventure full of action, mystery and wonder that opens up yet another amazing side to the Alias universe – the Schism…

This VDVD set includes:
* Season One (11 episodes in PDF format)
* Season Two – Black Dragon (5 episodes in PDF format)
* Season Three – The Calling (6 episodes in PDF format)

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