Malleus Maleficarum – Complete Series Boxset

Created by Li Robb

Malleus Maleficarum is a supernatural drama, following Selene du Miette, a fifteenth century witch who dies at the hands of the Inquisition, only to open her eyes and find herself in Paris in 2009.

At first, Selene in unable to process what has happened – until she is saved by Lunette Dillon and Nicholas Chance, who seem more than aware of the supernatural themselves.

While trying to get used to her new life, Selene realizes that her old life isn’t so far behind her. With modern Paris just as full of the same supernatural (and not-so-super) foes that she’s used to, it looks like there’s no chance of retiring just yet…even if you have died.

Along with Lunette, Nicholas and other companions and uneasy alliances, Selene continues on her path towards an uncertain future. But why has she been given a second chance?


This VDVD set contains:
– 4 Season 1 Teasers
– Complete Season 1 (10 episodes in PDF format)
– Complete Season 2 (10 episodes in PDF format)
– Christmas Webisode
– Complete Season 3 (10 episodes in PDF format)
– 5 Character Webisodes
– Incomplete Season 4 (5 episodes in PDF format)

MM Timeline (and Suggested Reading Order)

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