Relocating to New York City, troubled former rogue Slayer Faith Lehane managed to carve out a new life for herself – along with her own team of allies, landing a job in an asylum home to those with problems nobody else could help – and an archaic mystical device known as the Gateway…

Developed by Lee A. Chrimes & Darren J. Eldred

Episodes and VDVDs

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This VDVD boxset contains:

The mini-series prequel ‘Suckerpunch Blues’ (PDF, HTML)
All 12 episodes of Season One (PDF, HTML)
All 13 episodes of Season Two (PDF, HTML)
All 18 episodes of Season Three (PDF, HTML)
All 13 episodes of Season Four (PDF, HTML)
All 13 episodes of Season Five (PDF, HMTL)
Info on the full cast and crew of each season.

Read the pilot episode

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