Eternity – Complete Series Boxset

created by Angelo Shrine

Psychologist Charley Whartle experiences one of the worst days of his life. When he wakes up the next morning, he’s horrified to discover that the bad day is repeating itself over again. Charley likens it to nothing more than a bad dream. But when he wakes up the next morning, it’s still the same day!

A mysterious Gentleman appears in settings where Charley notices he previously was not. The Gentlemen’s cryptic comments lead Charley to believe that there is a way to pass into tomorrow, and that the key may be hidden in Charley’s nightly dreams…

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* All 7 episodes in PDF and HTML formats
* Character biogs

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For the past three years, psychologist Charley Whartle has been fixing tears in time, by repeating certain days over and over again until he accomplished the various tasks — some good, some bad. Much to his confusion, Charley never learned why this was happening to him, or who his mysterious companion known only as The Gentleman actually was. Until now.

Eternity Ends is a feature film that serves as a wrap-up to the virtual series that aired on MZPtv in 2007.

“All questions will be answered,” said creator Angelo Shrine. “This is what the fans have been waiting for!”

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