Cult Hero – Complete Series Boxset


Former cult TV star Jake Walker, the handsome lead ‘Alexis Power’ from the show “The Power Hour”, agrees to let budding journalist Michelle Banks do an article on him to kick start her career and to resurrect interest in his. As Michelle soon discovers, Jake’s life is a mess. His fame has faded, his demand reduced to minor functions, and his talents left in the last century.

The man is a wreck; his attitude stinks, his talents are few, and his vices are many.

It soon turns out, however, that Michelle’s motives are far different than she let on. When the demonic things from Jake’s fictional past start surfacing for real, the sassy Michelle and her younger, sneering sidekick Jackson are called to duty, and their past suddenly becomes clear.

Something far worse is coming for Jake, Michelle and Jackson -– and soon the gang will have to work together to defeat the monsters far more real than Jake’s cancelled TV show…


* 26 Full Length Scripts
* All S1 and S2 Multimedia
* Writer Commentaries (season one)
* Alexis Power – The Movie – A Forgotten Pitch
* Cult Hero Season One & Two – The Guests
* Spotlight on… JT Vaughn – An Interview With The Creator
* Original Season One Outline – Early Planning and Lost Episodes
* – The Power Hour
* Staff Bios
* Alternate S2 Episode Icons
* S1 & S2 Title Sequences
* S1 & S2 Soundtracks

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Click icon to download the episode

Prepare to become a part of the Union…

It’s been two years since Jake Walker appeared on television screens up and down the country as part of the subliminal message designed to turn the zombie population back into humans. Burdened by the fame, Jake escaped to his father’s cabin to live out a life of peace and tranquillity. Which means Jeremy Kyle on TV, beers in the cooler, and a crate of cigarettes close at hand. He’s had enough supernatural nonsense to last him a lifetime.

Back in London, Jake’s former monster-fighting compadres are eking out a boring existence. Snarktastic Sam Dylan is working in a Hawaiian-themed bar, man-mountain Keika Radebe is paying the bills as a club bouncer, and spunky Michelle Banks is interning at a small newspaper. They’re trying to move on with their lives, but there’s a Jake-shaped hole that none of them are willing to admit exists.

But in typical Cult Hero style, it’s not long before a new crisis rears its ugly head.

One night, a ball of blue light appears in the sky above the city. Speculation mounts. The news dedicates 24 hour coverage. People panic.

And then the insanity begins.

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