Connor is a collection of screenplays and series teleplays based in Joss Whedon’s ‘Buffyverse’.

The franchise is a spin off of the television series Angel that centers on the title character and his journey of self discovery in light of recently regaining his lost memories towards the end of the parent series.

The first movie, penned by creator Michael Jay, was released in 2006. To date, three movies and twenty four episodes have been released.

Developed by Mike Jay

Vincent Kartheiser as CONNOR – Connor returns to Los Angeles after spending a couple of months traveling through Europe. Having recently discovered that he is the reincarnation of a hybrid child of the Senior Partners and the Powers That Be, Connor is still coming to grips with the reality of his destiny. He’s facing a life of constant battle against ancient demons and sentient beings, something that doesn’t quite appeal to a kid who has always wanted to simply be another face in the crowd. He spent most of his time away visiting with the reformed Watcher’s Council and finally meeting the love of his father’s life, Buffy Summers, for the first time.

Alana De La Garza as GABRIELLA HERON – A non-practicing gypsy by birth and a powerful user of magic, Gabriella Heron was formerly employed by Wolfram and Hart. She was a part of the original spell that erased Connor’s memory of his real life, but walked out on the spell to undo that act when she was asked to sacrifice a young child. She stood at Connor’s side in the battle against Aurelius and helped him to understand his place in the world. A recluse by nature, she seemed to get attached to Connor during their tumultuous 24 hours in which Gabriella witnessed the death of her cousin, Alessia, at the hands of Drusilla. When Connor left for his road trip, Gabriella once again withdrew into herself, getting a mundane job as a bookstore clerk that affords her very little interaction with the outside world.

Ethan Hawke as OLIVER PIKE – A former, some may say the first, ally of the famed slayer, Buffy Summers, Oliver Pike remained in Los Angeles when Buffy and her family left for Sunnydale. He wandered about, occasionally indulging in freelance demon hunting until the death of his estranged father left him with a rundown apartment complex to run. Pike is a simple man, only seeking the bare necessities in life and doing what he needs to keep his tenants happy and get by. The memory of his friend Benny, who was turned into a vampire shortly after he met Buffy, still lingers in his mind. He’s been dating Kaia for almost a year.

Alicia Witt as KAIA SINCAID – Kaia Sincaid is the daughter of a wealthy businessman who is slowly expanding his empire to include most of Los Angeles now that Wolfram and Hart no longer has a branch in the city. She’s always been something of a free spirit, not allowed herself to live the naive, sheltered lifestyle that her father would prefer for her and her many siblings. She grew up with private tutors at home and was hardly allowed to go out or have very many friends. Despite that, she remains remarkably well adjusted to the outside world and has a competent level of street smarts, mostly from having been in a relationship with Pike.

Episodes and VDVDs

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VDVD Contents:
* Connor 1 – the 2006 movie that started it all!
* 12 Season 1 episodes in PDF format
* Connor 2 – the 2008 movie set between seasons 1 and 2
* 12 Season 2 episodes in PDF format
* Connor 3 – “Hounds of God” – the 2009 movie