In a nutshell, Buffy Summers is The Slayer. A Chosen One destined to help mankind battle against the forces of darkness, plucked from her old life as a high school fashion queen and dumped into the murky world of vampires, demons and other things with more teeth than feels strictly necessary. After seven long years of fighting back the darkness in Sunnydale, California, home to one of the ‘Hellmouths’ (gateways into the underworld and beacons for all kinds of nasty), Buffy achieved the impossible by destroying the Hellmouth (and Sunnydale with it), and activating every ‘Potential’ Slayer in the world, creating almost two thousand new warriors for her ongoing crusade.

Relocating to Cleveland to tackle the next Hellmouth, Buffy and the Scooby Gang face challenges such as ancient gods, evil cults, scheming businessmen, malevolent spirits and blows that strike much too close to home.

Developed by Lee A. Chrimes & Darren J. Eldred

Episodes and VDVDs

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This VDVD boxset contains:
All 22 episodes of Season Eight (PDF, HTML)
All 22 episodes of Season Nine (PDF, HTML)
The movie ‘Original Syn’ (PDF, HTML)
Info on the full cast and crew of each season

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