Blood Red Shoes – Complete Series Boxset

Created by Li Robb

August 1st should have been the happiest day of Alex and Ben’s lives. Having met in college eight years ago, the two of them quickly struck up a relationship that managed to stand strong through the various conflicts of their two eccentric and often clashing families, all leading to this day, where the two are set to finally make things official.

But, as Alex firmly believes, God is a bitch. You see, neither of them had the foresight to predict that their civil union would take place on the same day as a zombie apocalypse…

Sequence 1 – Uncivil Union (8 webisodes)
Sequence 2 – Sanctuary (8 webisodes)
Sequence 3 – The Woods Today (8 webisodes)
Sequence 4 – Camp (8 webisodes – plus the unedited first draft of 4×04)

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Sequence 5 – Separation Anxiety (8 webisodes)
Special features – Rules for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse, Blood Red Shoes … in Ink? & S5 Production Book

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Sequence 6 – Uncivil Reunion (8 webisodes)

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