A two hundred plus year old vampire, Angel terrified the civilised world as the evil-to-the-core Angelus for many years in the nineteenth century, with his vampire sire Darla by his side and the unlikely couple of Spike and Drusilla along for the ride. When Angel feasted on a gypsy girl Darla brought home one evening, Angel couldn’t have known that the girl’s grieving family would put a curse on Angel, restoring his soul and with it his conscience, filling him instantly with over a hundred years of guilt and remorse for the terrible things he’d done.

Drifting through the decades in quiet contemplation, Angel’s life was forever changed when a demon guide known as Whistler pointed him Buffy’s way, telling him she’d need someone on her side with what she had to face. In time, the two became lovers, but as I’m sure we know by now that never ends well…

Relocating to Los Angeles and starting up a detective firm with the catchy motto ‘we help the helpless,’ Angel found that his new foe was a powerful law firm with demonic owners called Wolfram & Hart, but after four years battling them he and his team were given the surprise offer to run the LA branch of Wolfram & Hart – an exercise in ‘power corrupts,’ it would seem.

Angel didn’t play ball the way W&H’s Senior Partners wanted, and after losing his colleague Fred to the demon God Illyria, Angel decided enough was enough and mounted an offensive on the Circle Of The Black Thorn, destroying the demonic criminal network in one night and bringing down the wrath of W&H’s armies onto the depleted team. Defeat seemed certain, and as we left the Fang Gang in that alley, it seemed the Good Fight was well and truly over…

… but the story does not end on that fateful night. The Complete Angel Collection brings you both seasons of the celebrated continuation an the epic movie event Broken Wings that finished off the series. If, like many, you felt Angel and the Fang Gang still plenty more helpless to get out there and help, then this is the place to start!

Developed by Lee A. Chrimes & Darren J. Eldred

Episodes and VDVDs

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This VDVD boxset contains:
All 22 episodes of Season Six (PDF, HTML)
All 14 episodes of Season Seven (PDF, HTML)
The movie ‘Broken Wings’ (PDF, HTML)
Info on the full cast and crew of each season.

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