Abyss – Complete Series Boxset

Created By James Jordan

Abyss is a one-hour drama series centering on a group of seven characters united together as victims. Each of them has suffered a traumatic crime at some point in their lives, and now they live together in a large rural property in Vancouver where they combine their unique skills and insight to help prevent others from ever experiencing the same kinds of suffering.

Through the eyes of these damaged individuals, the series explores the depravity of the modern world. That which causes physical and mental suffering drives the episodic narratives, from serial murders to kidnappings, from sexual assaults to cases of child-abuse. Each episode will provide a window into the minds of the perpetrators and the victims, while simultaneously exploring the psychology of one or more of the regular characters.

These stories are told from outside the law enforcement establishment and are instead routed firmly with the victims, both past and present. Confronting and overcoming fear and intimidation are more central themes than procedure and prosecution. Catharsis, victimology and the unconscious are watchwords.


This VDVD set contains:
– 12 season 1 episodes in PDF format

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