From JT Vaughn, creator of Cult Hero
Sarah-Jane Sheppard, creator of The Company

...comes a new Virtual Series, airing exclusively on MZP-TV in 2010.

A young girl, out in the city of Chicago on her own and dealing with being the daughter of a convicted serial killer, moves into a new apartment for a fresh start and a chance to try and prove her father's innocence.

But then a parcel is delivered. A simple parcel. Its contents are bizarre. Their abilities even stranger. And now, faced with ongoing personal crises and a collection of weird and wonderful people looking to take advantage, this girl is about to learn the one unquestionable, undeniable truth: being an adult sucks.

Starring: Kat Dennings (The 40 Year Old Virgin, Nick and Norah), Brian van Holt (Threshold, John from Cincinnati), AnnaSophia Robb (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Reaping), Donnie Wahlberg (Band of Brothers, Boomtown), and Jeremy Piven (Entourage, Smokin' Aces).


The Parcel View is a Virtual Series, originally created in 2007 by Sarah-Jane Sheppard and re-developed in 2009 by JT Vaughn.

None of the actors represented within this Virtual Series have any involvement or association with this website or anyone involved in producing the series. Their likeness is merely used to enhance the scripts and help readers picture the characters. Virtual Series are amateur screenplays (PDF scripts), and are NOT filmed. No money is being made.


Written by JT Vaughn
(Airdate: November 27th 2010)