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In a near future world of utopian promise and dystopian reward, the shiny things of life only disguise the debased. As humanity grows intoxicated by the hopes of tomorrow, few heroes remain to tackle the problems of today. Those that remain stand out. Those that stand out are targeted. The targeted must fight back or die.

Join multiple authors as they divulge a future that may not be as distant as it seems.

Featuring the work of MZPtv founder Lee A. Chrimes (Somewhere InBetween, Slayer Academy) alongside site veterans A.J. Black (The DSR) and Jesse Estes (Guardians), details of our three serials can be found below, along with links to the first chapters of each for FREE!

Natasha Tyreen is a throwback gumshoe in a grim tomorrow. Cyber-crime and riots have plunged the civilized world into disarray. Those on the fringes, those dispossessed by the wealthy and oppressed by the powerful have only Natasha Tyreen to turn to for a brighter future. Authored by Lee A Chrimes, this serial paints a chilling near future that could be closer than we think.

Episode One – Follow The Evidence

Natasha Tyreen no longer remembers that she is Natasha Tyreen. After waking up in a crumpled auto, Nat realizes she has lost most of her short term memory. She has to follow the clues to figure out what she had been running from and why.

The lives of Ryan, Denny and Gabe will never be the same after each experiences spacial distortions in unique and mysterious ways. But perhaps the seemingly disparate apparitions are not as mysterious as they first appear. Who or what is responsible for bending time?

Episode One – Attempt Number Four

Ryan, Denny and Gabe all have one thing in common. Their time line. Across the globe, and across the expanse of time, the drastically different yet equally desperate lives of three men will collide in this human-oriented, science fiction drama. Some connections run deeper than anyone can imagine. Unravelling them will cost more than life can pay.

Virtual Reality Hacker Sam Evered has been blamed for a crime he didn’t commit. Now he needs to brave the Playground to find the truth.

Episode One – Fight With Dragons

When Sam Evered hacked Augmented Insights, he just wanted to take down some servers and embarrass the company. Then the building blew up. Now the FBI is after Sam and he’ll have to delve deep into the playground of virtual reality to find out who set him up and why. With the help of only a few allies, Sam needs to unravel a conspiracy that spans the virtual and real worlds.

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