MZPtv Reboot 2018

It’s been a long time coming.

It’s safe to say things ain’t what they used to be on the dusty frontier that is online fiction. Since MZPtv’s arrival in early 2004, we’ve released hundreds of TV scripts, screenplays and more, crafted multiple fully-formed seasons of virtual series entertainment and thrilled, delighted and frustrated our loyal audiences in equal measure.

While our output and activity has been much reduced the last few years as the rise of social media, the Kindle and streaming video overtook our humble writing in the clamour for attention, we’re working hard on rebuilding and renewing our efforts to face the new digital age.

We already have our collaboration with Fiction Vortex that’s led to two ongoing prose serials, and hopefully a wider shared universe of titles down the line. We’ve seen MZPtv graduates go on to create award-winning webseries and projects, others strike out into the big world of TV, stage and movie production, and so it’s past time we rejuvenated this site and our discussion forum ready for our 14th anniversary.

Plans are ongoing and the reboot will be a gradual thing over the next few months, but all being well we’ll have a fresh look to launch with this coming March, a new mission statement, refreshed content and hopefully another 14 years to look forward to.

Thanks for sticking with us so far. We won’t let you down.