LXG: Allan Quartermain and the City of the Immortals

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Based on characters created by H. RIDER HAGGARD

Screenplay PETE D. GASKELL

Join ALLAN QUATERMAIN – legendary adventurer and obtainer of extraordinary treasures – as he searches for the most tantalising prize of all! This journey is more fraught than even Quatermain can imagine, however, as he and his merry band face down dangerous death traps, madmen, huge armies, natural predators, and, lastly, She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed! But there is a still greater peril waiting in the wings for Quatermain – that of his own past waiting for him once more in…THE CITY OF THE IMMORTALS!

This is the second film in the ever-expanding LEAGUE universe!

Aired: August 25th, 2014

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