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MZPtv Buffyverse (2004-2012) / Re: RAGNAROK discussion
« Last post by Ramble Robb on Mon Aug 7 2017, 22:48 »
It's so great to see all these ideas again. We all had such a good time back in the day, and it really felt like we were planning something special. The creativity of that group of people was/is unbelievable - all the hours of discussion and planning!
And that's it! Those were the plans. I'll see what other material I can dig out of the archives, and if we ever had any completed scripts or scenes I can share with you. I'm sure those of you who followed the MZPtv Buffyverse will have your thoughts or questions, so head over to the discussion thread and post away.

Until the next time we end the world...

-- the MZPtv Buffyverse crew

created by Alden C. Caele

"What does 'home' mean to you?"

During the chaos of Ragnarok, magical beings weren't the only ones pulled into another dimension. Demons, humans, magic users, werewolves... the whole lot were strewn across the many worlds out there. For some, they found paradise.

Our protagonists weren't so lucky.

Finding themselves in a dessicated wasteland populated by warring clans of giant demons, it was only quick thinking and willingness to negotiate that they survived at all. Striking a deal with the lord of the land they found themselves on, this ragged bunch of humans formed a small civilization in this world, and they called it...


A year into their new community, they've developed a system of relationships - both with their 'lord', Ot Fareska, and with one another. They've begun farming, aided by a demonic liaison, and have even elected their first leader. But as Fareska's demands become more and more punitive, Home struggles to survive without tearing itself apart.

Their new landscape is a very old world, untouched and undeveloped by man and ruled by demons - proper Demons, too, not the weaker ones we've seen on Earth. Verdant, massive forests full of game to hunt and things to explore. Home itself is very primitive, with people having to build the settlement from the ground up with no real building expertise.

The series is composed of three different strands, each focusing around a different set of characters:

The Army

Karen Tell (Dana Davis)
Fenris (Callum Keith Rennie)
Ravi (Dev Patel)
Jack Proulx (Kevin McKidd)
Sabine Hermann (Gabrielle Union)

'Army' is a bit of a misnomer. This crew is technically a subset of Ot's army, having been forcibly conscripted as payment to rent Ot's land, but they perform more like an eclectic Special Forces squad. Their work for Ot depends on what he wants that week, with no real justification for each task given. Their missions range from assassination, to kidnapping, to manipulation, to even torture. None among them understand exactly what Ot's plans are. All they know is, the happier he is with their performance, the safer their home is.

Level-headed Slayer Karen Tell is the leader, though nobody quite understands why Ot elevated her above the others to a leadership position. She's forceful and moves with precision, refusing to acknowledge the sacrifices she's making to keep her fellows safe. Unfortunately for Karen, she has trouble getting along with anyone in her crew.

Sabine Hermann was an independent Slayer, rejecting the guidance of the Watchers in order to pursue demons on her own schedule. Highly independent, she strains under the idea of being anyone's inferior, particularly of a 'Council brat' like Karen. Not only that, but Sabine is rabidly anti-demon, and only really engages with their missions if they include violence against 'those things' - one of whom, she likes to note, walks among them.

Jack Proulx might get along with Sabine, if he didn't consider Slayers one step away from being demons themselves. A demon hunter who fought for Home to have an independent army before his conscription, Jack is openly defiant towards Karen and considers her nothing more than a child with a thread of demon running in her veins. Jack's more likely to dig into the mission of the week than Sabine, but not out of any noble reason: the series opens with Home's first wedding, between he and sweetheart Samantha Proulx nee Monroe (recurring star Connie Britton). With a wife waiting at home, Jack is the fiercest warrior in the protection of Home, even if that means collaborating with the demons.

Ravi is a pain in Karen's behind for a completely different reason. Deeply moral, Ravi is regularly bothered by the brutality and recklessness Ot's plans ask of them, and challenges Karen's intention to follow orders. Ravi is also deeply suspicious of Ot's intentions, seeing something within him that the others don't: a hunger for power so great it could swallow the universe whole. The others don't even understand why a normal man like Ravi was conscripted to the crew. There's nothing remotely powerful about him...

Thankfully for Karen, there is one figure within the crew that she gets along with. Unfortunately, that figure is a demon. Fenris was a wild and nasty demon back home, but in this dimension, he's little more than a runt. A wolflike demon who switches between demon and human forms effortlessly, Fenris is laidback, amoral, vicious and violent. However, he's also clever, friendly and, to those he cares for, kind. As they get closer, will Karen's heart rub off on him? Or will his skewed moral compass start to look appealing to the woman who makes all the dirty decisions?

The Travelers

Cassandra Holmes (Lucy lawless)
Janet Milley (Catherine Tate)
Darwin Gaites (Kyle Gallner)

Interdimensional travel, through invisible holes between dimensions called Waypoints, is the only thing that could possibly bring the inhabitants of Home back to Earth. The travelers seek to uncover the knowledge of how to master it, in order to find a path back. However, in their travels, they'll often become embroiled in the matters of other dimensions, or uncover humans who landed after Ragnarok.

Travelling begins as an accident. After her selfless act sealing the Arctic portal during the events of RAGNAROK left her stranded here, Cassandra Holmes, the mature Slayer who once battled her own sisters, has the fate of the entire community in her hands, as she is the only one connected to, and thus able to use, the Waypoints that allow her to travel between dimensions. Thankfully, despite feeling the same pressures that sent Sofia reeling, Cassandra is able to wield the Scythe with pride - and hope. In the face of escalating danger, while Karen begins to lose hope, Cassandra holds tight to it.

Only able to bring those with magic in their veins with her, and only two at a time, Cassandra nonetheless makes the most of it by choosing two companions she knows will have her back. One, Darwin Gaites, shares her optimism. Darwin delights in the interdimensional travel, finding every new world they encounter to be a gift to be enjoyed, in spite of any dangers they pose. As the oldest of the group, Cassandra treats Darwin with almost maternal sensibilities, but this leads to obvious conflict as Darwin doesn't appreciate not being treated as an equal to the others. he knows how important his ability is to the group, and grows quietly resentful about his treatment.

At least Cassandra and Darwin (mostly) get along. That can't be said for either of them and Janet Milley, the third member of their party. A genius-level wicca whose expertise was specifically noncombative, she was nonetheless pulled from early retirement to help Britain fight in Ragnarok. As a result of seeing her happy, quiet life pulled right from her fingers, she is sour and angry in the face of her new life. Her narcissistic point of view and pessimistic personality wears on both of her companions... but, often, she's right in assuming the worst of every situation they encounter. Ever the Devil's advocate, she sometimes functions as the voice of reason in the group... though not as often as she thinks.

The Government

Robert Vernon (John Noble)
Leah Mayfair (Dianne Wiest)
Shia (Cobie Smulders)

One of the first tasks that materialised when Home struck their deal with Ot Fareska was the need for organisation. A need to distribute resources, organise labour, and distribute justice. Although it is a small community, the residents of Home needed a government. And thus, they created one.

The first Home Democratic Election race closed just under a month ago, with former lawyer Robert Vernon being elected as Official Leader of Home. His opposition, the more qualified Leah Mayfair, was asked to take the post of second-in-command. The government is essentially a tug-of-war between the two, with a handful of advisers working double duties: for example Samantha Proulx, who doubles as Head Architect, in charge of ensuring their building models are safe and sound. Often butting heads with both Vernon and Mayfair is Ot's liaison to home, the lazy, acid-tongued Shia. Shia looks down on Home and its residents, but follows Ot's orders when it comes to enforcing his rule among the citizens of Home.

Questions often fall upon the desk of the small government, regarding the infrastructure of their small nation, the leverage they have to negotiate with their demonic lord, and the rights and freedoms that can be given in an emergency state such as the one they are in. The pressure is on this small group to keep Home alive... at least until the next election.

The Story

In the first season, the stories for each group are about finding one's place. In all three strands, the main group are only beginning to dig into their new duties - as leaders, as travelers, as combatants. Each struggle with the moral, political and personal implications of the decisions they make in the name of keeping their people safe.

In the introductory arc, we are introduced to each of our main players as they reveal themselves through conflict. The government struggles against Ot's control as various issues come up at Home, with crises such as decisions about the government's views on justice and punishment, questions of food and water supply, and quality of life issues. Vernon, Mayfair and Shia begin to develop a common language and communication, as decisions begin to offer Home a structure by which it makes decisions. The Travelers explore new world and learn more about Waypoints, about the differences between different dimensions, and about meddling in issues they are not a part of. The army begin making a name for themselves with their successes, even as voices like Ravi question their purposes.

In the complications arc, things begin to get messy. Now, the government of Home has secrets to keep from both Shia and Ot, while information from Ravi's research begins to give them a sense of leverage with Ot they were previously unaware of. They realise that, whatever their plans may be, they are important to them. The travelers, in addition to the challenges of seeking out Waypoint mythology, begin to make ripples that could blow back on them, developing friends and enemies as Cassandra begins to map out the different Waypoints available to them. The army begins to see greater and greater success, but their immersion in this world makes it easier for Karen to understand the meaning of their actions... and they may be leading to a world, if not a dimension, completely under Ot's thumb. Meanwhile, a number of recurring faces become part of the scenery, like Tom Brenner (guest star Matt Lauria), a young man saved by the Travelers and who embarks on a romantic relationship with Cassandra.

In the resolutions arc, things come to a head. Longstanding secrets are told, and Ot's true plans are uncovered. Each character comes to a crossroads that shows us who they truly are, while much blood is spilled when an enemy rises up against Home. And in the end, the resolution of one story is the beginning for a much larger one...

Season One Outline

1x01-02 "Look Homeward, Parts 1 and 2"
Karen, Fenris, Jack, Sabine and Ravi are drafted into Ot's forces. Vernon must decide on the fate of a murderer, with Mayfair and Shia weighing in.

1x03 "One Day You Wake Up"
The Travellers find a human from another world: Tom, a marine who survived being pulled through the portals. On a mission, Karen and Fenris give into the sexual tension between them.

1x04 "The Dark Passenger"
The Travellers bring back a sickness from outside that threatens the lives of many, including Jack's wife Samantha. While Manu seeks to stop the illness and the Travelers seek a cure, Vernon and Mayfair must keep Ot and Shia from discovering its origins. Meanwhile, Karen deals with Jack's lack of focus when his wife is in danger.

1x05 "Night"
After Samantha is attacked, Mayfair and Vernon face what this means. Mayfair presses Vernon to make an example of Samantha's attacker and sentence him to death, making rape as wrong as murder, while Vernon is typically hesitant to sacrifice a life. The army spend a night discussing what they'd do if they got home, and Karen realises she doesn't have any plans for if she did. Cassandra and Janet walk across a desert to meet Darwin before sunrise, and learn some interesting things about one another.

1x06 "Walking Amongst the Stones"
The Travellers uncover a society who know about Waypoint travel, and have specifically tried to stop development of it in order to stop those like Ot access to it. They are held captive there. Mayfair leaks sensitive information to the general public that paints Vernon in a bad light and threatens a heretofore unknown research squad looking into the physiology of Ot's demons.

1x07 "Honour on the Battlefield"
The Travellers fight to free a race of creatures from oppression, and gain an ally. Karen's crew is ambushed by another of Ot's crews, who view them as interlopers. After a housing collapse kills two, Samantha is tried for negligence.

1x08 "A World That Will Never Be"
The Travellers enter a world in which the ghosts of their past confront them. Karen is directed to take out one of Ot's squads, to provoke a war with a neighbour. Mayfair demands a re-election after Samantha is found not guilty, stirring up both re-election sentiments in Mayfair's favour and revolutionary sentiments, spurred on by a trouble-raising Shia.

1x09 "Two Paths Diverged in a Forest"
Karen and Cassandra argue over whose view of the future is correct: Karen's idea that they must make do with Home, and Cassandra's hope in finding a way to Earth. Both face the fact that their positions are flawed when Cassandra almost loses her whole crew in a skirmish with an enemy, while Karen is forced by Ot to torture an ally who knows something about Waypoint travel under the watchful eye of Ot. Meanwhile at Home, Vernon and Mayfair work with Shia on an issue, and save her life when the mob almost kills her.

1x10 "One Spark Begets a Flame"
Vernon must contend with a terrorist force within Home attacking Ot's forces, and must consider putting them to death. Cassandra and the travellers find a group of dying humans. Karen and Ravi seek a deserting Sabine while Fenris and Jack move forward on an assignment without them.

1x11 "First Blood"
Karen leads the first squad into what is now officially a war, assassinating a foreign leader. The Travellers are used as a weapon in a war in another 'verse. A splinter group leaves Home, and Vernon must convince them to return before Ot has them killed for defying the agreement.

-- Notes from the staff --

Home was very much Alden's project - he developed rich character arcs and stories to explore this community of misfits, mixing in elements from plenty of genres to make what would have been a compelling drama. I guess the closest modern-day comparison would be Defiance, the SyFy series set on an Earth of the future in the aftermath of an accidental alien invasion, with humans and aliens alike trying to live side by side in a community with plenty of politics, intrigue and action.

We had plenty of discussions about who should end up on the wrong side of a portal during Ragnarok, given how many Buffyverse favourites were already not making it out of the fight alive (Sofia, Willow and Spike were confirmed casualties, with Faith's fate left purposefully ambiguous and Oz and Nina separated out there somewhere). originally it was going to be Belle Parrish from Slayer Academy at the head of the Travellers, but my one tweak to Alden's plans here is to swap her out for Cassandra Holmes, an ex-villain turned ally who makes for an interesting protagonist.

The concept of regular humans being accidentally pulled through portals during the Purge is also explored most fully in Home, as the dimension-hopping exploits of the Travellers gave us plenty of scope to visit all manner of alien worlds in a way not seen since the use of the gateway over on Faith.

The ultimate revelation was that after several seasons, a group of survivors do find the right Waypoint to return to Earth. Some choose to stay in Home, but some push through dimensions and successfully make it back to the actual 'home' - only to find themselves in the 23rd century, the energies from their arrival finally crumbling the last vestiges of the Purge and sparking both the New Age of Magic and the events of Fray.

This ending was meant to make people go back and view the entirety of Fray up to that point with fresh eyes, and to me was also a reference to the alternative (original) ending to Army of Darkness, which I shall not spoil if you've only ever seen the theatrical cut!

Oh yes.

It's now 2210 or thereabouts, and the world of Slayers, Watchers and demons is a distant memory. The world of the future is a busy place - a cyberpunk sprawl, rising monoliths of industry and commerce with slums down below, as so brilliantly realised in the Fray comics.

We'd open with a mini-series retelling the events of the comics but with some changes to allow us to launch it into a new continuity. Melaka Fray learns that she's the first Slayer to be officially Called since the end of Slayer Academy, battling her vampiric half-brother as he tries to bring the demons back and also dealing with the return of Lurks, devolved versions of vampires, and her treacherous demon Watcher Urkkon.

However, several questions remain. How did Urkkon and the Lurks find a way back? How did the Scythe find its way back into Mel's hands? Whatever happened to the Slayers and Watchers?

Here's how it all happens:

We have Home, the series following a handful of Ragnarok survivors battling back to our world after falling into the End Of Magic. I only want to do two seasons of this, with the 2nd season finale being the team finding their way home at last - except it's now two hundred years into the future.

The event that triggers the slow unravelling of the walls between dimensions, ushering in a New Age of magic, is the Home survivors breaking back into our world! Two Old Ones show up in the Fray comics, talking about it 'not being time yet' for their return, so let's tie it all in and make it their time!

And what about the Lurks? Well. They've been around for a while in small numbers since Mel was little, but it's when first Icarus and then Mel's vampire brother Harth unites them that they start to resemble a stronger force. But where did they come from if magic and demons were banished from this dimension?

Victoria 'Tori' Townsend, the Slayer turned vampire antihero. A former Big Bad turned staunch ally, who sacrificed herself in the finale of Slayer Academy to honour the memory of Skye and Erika, presumed lost after falling into a Hellmouth (albeit after stuffing a wad of explosives down the throat of a dragon and earning a five-star rating for Badassery).

After the events of Ragnarok, Tori emerged from the depths of hell itself on the other side of the world, and went off to 'find herself' in true tragic antihero style. After many decades of wandering, she's captured by scientists (rogue ex-Initiative, in events that would be referenced in Lock Down) who experiment on her, trying to create some kind of vampire-based bioweapon. Their experiments are what create the Lurks, which escape into the wild and breed over the next hundred years or so. Deeming the project a failure, the labs are shut down and Tori is left in cryostasis.

At some point in Fray, Tori will be rediscovered, revealing the origin of the Lurks in the process. She'll be 200+ year old vampire who can still remember the days of the Slayers (despite being a bit bonkers after her incarceration/torture), and thus a valuable ally to Mel.

And what of the Watchers and Slayers? We briefly see a Watcher in the Fray comics, but he's an insane fanaticist who sets himself alight. The Council still exists but through a handful of said fanatics only. They're not all crazy, luckily, and reconnecting with the remnants will be both another resource for Mel and a further reference to the days of Slayer Academy.

In one comic, Mel finds a former Council sanctuary and reads up on Slayer history, which will also lead into her understanding how the Slayers hid themselves, and that there'll be other descendants of the Slayer Line that followed 'Into Our Generation' out there. If Mel can start to track these people down (men and women), she'll have her own posse to gradually train and lead against the slowly returning demon population in the New Age Of Magic.

See, genes can easily fall dormant over a few hundred years, so it's scientifically feasible for the Slayer Power to have become so diluted that it barely registers. However! Mel's Activation is the first step - there'll be others like her out there, she just needs to find and teach them. Harth also has Slayer DNA, so he'll be looking to find these descendants and create an army of his own.

-- Notes from the staff --

There'd already been an aborted attempt to bring Fray into the MZPtv Buffyverse that never made it past a pilot proposal, but post-Ragnarok left us a much cleaner canvas and the opportunity to tie all our new shows together in a fresh, interconnected mythology. Slayers and Lock Down run in parallel, with Home being the series that bridges those two with the far future of Fray. It would allow us to bring proper science fiction and cyberpunk into the Buffyverse alongside our bread and butter of a kick-ass chick with superpowers fighting evil.

Airing Fray in the same schedule as the other shows also would have allowed a ton of foreshadowing and mystery building - we'd see the future consequences of events that hadn't happened yet in the present day timeline, and once we dropped the bombshells of how it all linked up, the connective tissue between the four shows would make sure they all felt part of a larger whole rather than separate projects.

concept by Lee A. Chrimes & Aaron Driscoll

Demons and magic have been purged from the world... for the most part. Beyond any explanation of the New Watchers Council, a significant number of supernatural phenomena are still in existence in our world. Lost magical artefacts, individuals with unexplained powers, demon survivors and other remnants of the Purge of Magic brought about by the final defeat of the Old Ones.

Into this new landscape comes Delaney Brogan, last surviving heir to the powers of the Coven di Fuoco, a group of immense power which included Delaney's parents, Kira and Hamish. Still loosely affiliated with the Council, and a source of magical power despite her attempts to bury the dangerous energies deep within herself, Delaney has been haunted by nightmares of the consequences of the Purge. She's also the ideal person to lead a new task force the Council are putting together, following a discovery that is not fully revealed to Delaney for some time...

Not only are the foundations of many parts of the world strongly rooted to magic and the supernatural, the effects of Ragnarok are still ongoing. Willow's spell is continuing to try and pull the fundamentals of magic from our world, but if these magics were to be fully expelled from this dimension, it would leave behind a phenomenon that could not be explained by the rules of nature alone. The fabric of the universe would collapse in on itself, destroying our world in the process.

Fortunately, the original architects of these magical 'remnants' anticipated an event like Ragnarok and the Purge, and left behind contingencies to either protect these remnants or allow them to be safely replaced without upsetting the delicate balance they help maintain. There is a map to these remnants... but it's been lost for millennia. Lucky, then, that the Council has the currently most powerful magic user on Earth on their side. What could go wrong?


* Cold open. DELANEY BROGAN (Rachael Leigh Cook) is in the middle of a pitched battle, cartwheeling around a lavish dining room as she avoids blasts of magic blowing holes in the walls around her. She grabs a spear from the wall, wallruns and jumps off to use it, but gets blasted out of the sky and lands in a smoking heap on the ground. A shadow looms over her, asking her how it feels to know she has the keys to the end of the world inside her, as we CUT TO:

* A Council facility briefing room. Delaney's photo, stats and videos are displayed on a video screen on the wall as GREG GILES (Bradley Cooper) walks into view, giving a potted history of the girl in question (internationally wanted thief, former rogue Slayer turned valuable Council asset, level 4 magic user, daughter of deceased rogue warlock Hamish McFanchon and deceased former rogue witch turned Academy ally Kira Brogan, all members of the Coven di Fuoco) to EMMA RIGBY (Emily Blunt), a fresh-faced young Watcher who tries to keep up with the infodump. Greg tells Emma that she's to travel to Bordeaux to locate and recruit Delaney for a mission to investigate a potential misuse of magic, reminding her of the fragile barrier keeping the world of demons from flooding back into the human world and the need to keep it secure. Greg finishes by adding that Delaney is his half-sister, so to mind her manners. Emma manages a weak smile.

* Emma is on a Council charter jet heading out to Paris, talking on the phone to high-ranking Watcher KENNETH (Bill Nighy), back at a Council base in England. She says she feels out of her depth ('I mean, this girl reportedly travelled to the Higher Plane and spoke to the Powers That Be! Do they even exist?') but he assures her she's got what it takes to tame the notorious Delaney Brogan. As Kenneth is called away, he signs off with 'love you, sweetheart', and she replies 'love you too, Daddy'.

* Bordeaux, France, and Emma is making her way through a sleepy village when she finds a young woman sketching the picturesque countryside. Emma announces herself - and Delaney turns to her, expecting her arrival as Greg forewarned her. Delaney is her usual frosty self with the newbie, their banter interrupted as a thief snatches a woman's handbag and runs. Delaney sighs, hands Emma her half finished sketch and sets off in pursuit. Delaney shows off her free running skills, bounding across rooftops and using the cluttered buildings of the village to keep ahead of the thief, until she tackles him to the ground. The grateful woman catches them up and Delaney gives back the handbag, but as Emma comments on what a reformed, public-spirited person Delaney has become, she tosses Emma the thief's wallet, reminding her 'I ain't that good'.


* At a cafe, Emma outlines the mission and tells Delaney she has carte blanche to pick her own team for the mission. Delaney studies the dossier then says she has a few people in mind, saying she hopes Emma has a good stock of air miles built up for the trip ahead!

* SHANGHAI, and a fireworks celebration is about to commence as part of a vibrant street parade. Up in a control booth, a Chinese girl watches with the festival organisers as the countdown to the fireworks ticks away... and when they're released, it's chaos! Windows shatter, sparks and fire rain down, and the massively overpowered display stops the celebration dead as it almost blows a hole in the city. Delaney approaches PATTY TOKIJAWA (Chiaki Kuriyama) as she grins, admiring her handiwork. They exchange greetings before Delaney says she has a job for her. Emma's bewildered expression is followed by Delaney saying it's on to the next one...

* BORNEO, and a black-clad and masked trooper races through the jungle, pursued by a huge, lion-like demon. He swings from a vine to cross a ravine, but the creature leaps the gap. He jumps from the top of a waterfall and lands with a splash, but as he swims to shore the demon leaps down after him. Finally they face each other, but the savvy trooper manages to outmanouevre the beast and strike a killing blow. Initiative Agent DANIEL WINSTONE (Matthew Bomer) removes his mask, panting with exertion. He returns to his base, the carcass of the demon being loaded onto a trailer behind him, and reports in to his squad leader to be told he has visitors. He sees Emma and Patty, but double-takes at Delaney before smiling slyly. Emma takes an obvious instant shine to him, not liking the looks between Winstone and Delaney. Emma asks who's next, and Delaney shows her a name. Emma raises an eyebrow, asking how they expect to recruit him of all people, but Delaney just smirks.

* FLORENCE, and a couple getting up to no good in bed are surprised by fists hammering at the door. The young lady rises, as does her partner THE IMMORTAL (David Duchovny), who knows it's her father come with his bodyguard to give him a hiding. He clambers out through the window, nimbly scaling the vines outside the building (some kind of lavish mansion). He swings in through an open window, surprising several servants before making his way out onto a wide hallway flanked by two staircases. Bodyguards rush him, but he swipes an ornamental sword from the wall and duels - fighting to disarm, not kill - and almost gets to freedom after he uses a knife to slash his way down a hanging tapestry, before he's mobbed and crashes down the stairs, landing at the bottom in a heap of broken bones. The horrified guards run to find their master - but the Immortal slowly snaps his bones back into place and limps out of there unseen. He pauses to flirt with a girl on the street, only for the guards to burst out of the house and chase him. Delaney's team roll up in a van and yell for him to dive inside. He does and they get away, the Immortal greeting Delaney ('who doesn't know who you are by now?') before she tells him he's being recruited for a job, and just passed his audition. 'Bueno', he replies, 'when do we start?'


* Back on the charter jet, the newly-assembled team listening to an updated briefing from Emma. Their target is Iago Bolvey, an antiquities trader and suspected warlock ('guy sounds like he picked his name out at a Bond villain convention,' Delaney remarks). Delaney listens to the briefing as Emma outlines a strategy, then asks to see the dossier - which she tosses over her shoulder, asking for a pen and paper. A stunned Emma hands them over ('You can't do that!' 'I think you'll find I can, newbie'), and the team watch as Delaney starts to outline a new and improved plan, which starts with the team gatecrashing a society ball Bolvey is hosting the following evening at his home in Valencia...

* With hastily-forged invitations, Emma and The Immortal ('Please, call me Mort') pose as dignitaries to bluff their way into the function through the main entrance, while Delaney and Winstone prepare to break in upstairs and Patty runs surveillance and tech support from inside their van parked outside the estate. Mort is an old hand at such things but Emma's privileged upbringing doesn't hurt either, while Winstone gets a chance to quiz Delaney about their relationship that never was. She obviously doesn't want to talk about it (especially with everyone listening), but it's clear he still has feelings for her. Emma and Mort leave doors open and provide eyes on the ground as Winstone and Delaney sneak around inside the villa. They find Bolvey's office and have a look around, Delaney cracking a safe while Winstone stands guard. Down at the ball, Iago himself makes an appearance and quickly waltzes Emma off for a dance, while Patty finds villa security sniffing uncomfortably close to the van. Winstone is spotted and tussles with security just as Delaney cracks the safe, finding a magical staff inside - but Winstone is overpowered and they're caught. Simultaneously, Mort realises Iago's on to them when he gets pinched by more guards, and Patty is rumbled in the van - she takes out two guards who burst in, but is tasered by a third as she steps outside. Responding to a nod from one of his henchmen, Iago smirks as he informs Emma her team are in custody, escorting her away to more guards as their dance ends.


* The team are held captive in the cleared out dining room, the settings for an elaborate ritual of some sort laid out all around them. The gloating villain proudly shows off the magical staff, a relic that supposedly grants the bearer the power to cross dimensions, but that since the events of Ragnarok hasn't functioned. Iago believes he needs the sacrifice of somebody strongly connected with magic before the Change to repower the staff, with Emma's pleas that doing so could break down the walls of reality and let the demons back falling on deaf ears. Iago recites the Coven di Fuoco chant, and the others are shocked to see the blood tattoos emerge on Delaney's skin. Iago tells them about her place as the last in the bloodline and inheritor of the Coven's prophecy - the keys to the end of the world. Delaney hears his Evil Plan out, then reminds him of one thing he's forgotten - as she breaks out of her bonds with a zap of power, 'I still got my magic!' A fight breaks out as Delaney frees the others just as Iago's guards attack them, with Delaney's brief use of magic having reactivated the staff! Iago uses it to hurl blasts of power after her (and we're back to the opening now), Delaney cartwheeling around as the blasts blow holes in the walls around her. She grabs a spear from the wall, wallruns and jumps off to use it, but gets blasted out of the sky and lands in a smoking heap on the ground. Iago looms over her, asking her how it feels to know she has the keys to the end of the world inside her, before Emma tosses her a silver plate which she grabs and reflects his killing blast back at him, with Iago disintegrating with a final yell. She rises to find the others have taken care of the guards - victory for Team Delaney.

* Recovering from the battle out on the veranda as a Council clean up team confiscates Iago's belongings, the team reflect on a job well done (with Delaney softening towards Emma thanks to the lucky save with the silver plate) despite a few wary remarks to Delaney about the power within her courtesy of the Coven that she answers in her usual sardonic style. Greg turns up to congratulate them, and Delaney, Patty, Winstone and Mort all say it was fun and are about to head off (Patty has a monster trucks derby to work, Winstone has to get back to duty and Mort has a hectic enough life as it is) when Greg says they've proven they work well as a team, so there are plenty more missions for them to run yet, if they're interested. The team exchange a few looks, before Delaney speaks for them - tell them what's next.

-- Notes from the staff --

A combination of two pitches, we wanted a series that explored the consequences of Ragnarok more directly, and building it around one of our favourite Slayers made perfect sense. Delaney's chequered backstory was ripe with ideas already, and by introducing a concept that allowed us to hop around the world, exploring different myths and legends, we had something similar in vibe to Slayers but with a small, focused cast and mission statement, and lots of scope to flesh out the post-Ragnarok world.

It was, at its heart, a show about facing up to responsibilities, finding your place in the world and making peace with your past decisions, good or bad. Aaron's side of the pitch focused on the friction between the UK-based Council and US-based Initiative, who both had differing opinions on how to police the world after the Purge but had no choice other than to work together. We also wanted to introduce fresh characters with new abilities outside the world of Slayers, and write the new rules of our dimension as we explored the fallout from the Purge in more detail. We also had a renewed version of the Cabal (recurring enemies from Slayer Academy) as an antagonist looking to exploit the new world order, and plenty of vengeful enemies of the Coven from the past looking to settle scores and regain their powers.

The reality-shattering events of Ragnarok have been and gone. Several of the world's major cities lie in ruins, and the black holes that ate up virtually every drop of magic in our dimension have wreaked a similar path of destruction. Vampires, werewolves and everything supernatural in between have been dwindled to the point of near-extinction - only a few scattered handfuls survived the Great Purge.

But we still have Slayers.

After Sofia Romero offered every Slayer past and present the Choice - remain a fully-powered Slayer or become a regular human again - the Slayer gift was locked into their very DNA, no longer a mystical element but now part of every Slayer's flesh and blood, safe from the purge and ready to be passed on to future generations.

The surviving class of the destroyed Rupert Giles Academy for Girls (AKA the Slayer Academy) number in the few hundreds, and have spread across the globe, backed up by the various autonomous units of the New Watchers Council, with Watchers and ex-Slayers working side by side to manage the many smaller teams of Slayers in operation. But with so few actual demons and foes to battle, what is there for Slayers to do?

More than you'd think.

Some offer their services out as peacekeepers, patrolling flashpoints and working with military, government and authority services to maintain order in the fragile post- Ragnarok world. Some teach and train newer or inexperienced Slayers, those who accepted the Choice and need to be shown the way. Some work in investigating the occult, protecting the slim barriers keeping the forces of darkness at bay and making sure nothing ever threatens the peace again. There are, after all, plenty of dark forces in the human world looking to exploit a world without magic.

And some just want to find bad guys and kick ass, no matter who or what said bad guys turn out to be.

Welcome to the world of the Slayers.

-- Notes from the staff --

SLAYERS would have worked as an anthology series, changing locales and cast frequently and telling stories of Slayers at work on all sides, all around the world, dealing with problems mystical, human and everything in between. The exact format was never worked out, but we didn't want to just create Slayer Academy 2 - we looked at shorter series, feature-length episodes, lots of new ways to tell stories without committing to a 22-episode one-hour drama series all over again.

Way back when, the original pitch for Slayer Academy was something like "Alias with vampires", because I loved the idea of all the new Slayers created in the Buffy finale operating like a worldwide army of sorts - a private military contractor with a unique skillset, similar to how the Jedi are portrayed in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. With Slayers, we wanted a large, rotating cast, a decentralised power base and the opportunity to move between dozens of smaller, self-contained units out in the field with a degree of overall connection.

We even had a few ideas for events planned out, a few of which I can share with you now:

SLAYER ISLAND - concept by Brian L. Lamkin

Ten Slayers, secretly hand-picked from across the globe and smuggled away, have awoken to find themselves in what appears to be an abandoned ghost town, riddled with bizarre clues, smack dab in the middle of a far-away mysterious island. They don't know why they are there, or how they got there, but only that they must find a way to survive and uncover the reasons why they were brought there.

REMEMBRANCE - story by Tom East

Every girl needs some time off, even the Chosen Slayer. Belle Parrish returns to stay with her uncle for several days. He's the only family that knows she's still alive, having run away from her parents when she was first called and then going underground after the Academy was destroyed. However, she finds returning home doesn't offer the rest and relaxation she thought it would as old memories return to haunt her and a vampire cult determined to sacrifice the town to an ancient vampire god prophesised to bring about the end of the world. With all she's ever known under threat of being destroyed, Belle must start to stand on her own two feet and live up to the destiny that has been bestowed on her.

HOMELAND - story by Chris Haigh

Leading her own Slayer squad in the heart of Japan, Reiko Kimusume finds herself living an idyllic existence - living with her new Slayer friends, slaying by night and working with the Japanese branch of what remains of the Watchers Council. Her new squad consists of three newbie Slayers, each a handful in their own right. However when a group of people are killed, the very life drained from them, Reiko and her squad are tasked to discover what happened - including the discovery of an ancient artefact with powers beyond belief.
:: Post-RAGNAROK ::

-- Here are the plans for where the Buffyverse was going to go after the events of RAGNAROK. with a clean slate allowing for some fresh new series to continue the legacy --

The Old Ones are gone for good. Several of our heroes have fallen in the battle, but for the survivors, the world is changed forever. Magic has been banished from our dimension - the portals which sealed away the Old Ones did so at the cost of the spark of magic across our world. Supernatural creatures are now an endangered species, their numbers virtually wiped out as the portal dragged them out of our plane of existence. The world may know of the existence of Slayers, magic and demons, but it has also seen those forces all but wiped out after a global series of titanic battles. As far as the general public knows, the Age of Magic is over.

The Slayers did not, however, go quietly into that good night. Many of them still remain all around the worldwide - some living human lives after taking Sofia's choice to depower and become regular humans, others keeping their Slayer abilities, but in both cases the Slayer DNA is locked into their bloodlines, ready to be passed on down the  generations in case the world ever needs to call on it again. The rebuilt Watchers Council now manages the affairs of free agents worldwide, allowing the Slayers to focus on living their own lives as well as fixing the world's problems in secret, and making sure nothing is done to break the spell and bring magic flooding back.

This will have issues of its own - magic users will have a hard time coping with the loss of their powers, with individuals good and bad looking to find a way to restore themselves. Many demons and other supernatural creatures are gone, but scattered pockets and individuals managed to resist the pull of the portals, left forever changed by the experience.

We would have explored this new landscape through several brand new MZPtv Buffyverse shows, as follows...


And so it begins - RAGNAROK is upon us at last, and as forces of evil gather their energies to break through and raze our world clean, the forces of good rally themselves for one final stand to decide the future of all humanity...


* Cracks in the fabric of our dimension start appearing at several ‘flashpoints’ across the world (the former Academy site, sealed Hellmouths, the Cabal’s buried Arctic HQ, Wolfram & Hart’s former site, the Asylum in NYC, the Pacific island where the first Hub was found etc.), which start pouring demonic energy and entities out into the world. This power starts to awaken the Old Ones locked within the Deeper Well, who escape (along with Ethan Rayne) into the human world.

* As Ethan works with the Old Ones to help them regain their former size and power, each one latching onto a dimensional tear to feed, our various protagonists start to assemble at last.

* An international military/Initiative task force gathers and engages the Old Ones at several locations, with less than stellar results. Buffy, Angel, Faith and Sofia gather their troops, decide on targets and head out to get stuck in.


* The Old Ones, sweeping asides the armies facing them, march on major capitals, gathering armies of their own – followers and demons – as they occupy several cities. The Old One that forces its way out of NYC’s second Gateway literally takes over the city, its body growing and fusing itself to many buildings. Another bursts out of the demolished site of Wolfram & Hart in Los Angeles, one assumes the form of a twisted mockery of the Slayer Academy, another hides in the Arctic depths within the old Cabal base.

* After taking casualties unsuccessfully battling the Old Ones and their armies, the Scooby Army regroups to discuss its plan. While the rifts stay open there’s no way to defeat the Old Ones, who grow in size and power every hour. The only option is to reverse the flow of power, let the Old Ones get pulled through and then seal the rifts. The problems with this plan? Not only will someone have to be on the other side of each rift to seal it, but the level of magic involved will also pull through anything magical – werewolves, vampires, demons, wiccas and all creatures great and small in between. Not all the Scoobies are aware of this, leading to a dark pact between those in the know – not everyone agrees, but there’s no other way.

* Willow says she knows of a way to generate the magical energy needed to start the reversal. In order to create something to help focus this power, Sofia suggests using the Cabal’s cloning technology to create several copies of the Scythe (Willow maintains a connection to it from ‘Chosen’), with each rift-busting team getting one to help Willow target her magics. Dawn volunteers to use the NYC Gateway to boost Willow’s signal – but this means they’ll have to fight past at least two Old Ones first.


* The teams get to work – Faith’s team retake the NYC Gateway, but Faith is mortally wounded in battle by the Old One (before Vi finishes the job). Dawn uses her Key abilities to activate the Gateway, and Willow receives the power boost she needs.

* In the Arctic, Sofia’s team reclaim the cloning technology and teleport the production line of Scythes to the other teams, but in order to buy them enough time Sofia leads a force against one Old One (modelled on the fire giant Surt from Norse mythology). The first offensive fails, and as the Old One grows in strength it threatens a meltdown that would destroy the polar ice cap and flood a significant chunk of the Northern Hemisphere. Sofia gets in close and takes the thing on, and as it mocks her after one failed attack, she whistles for the reinforcements - SLAYERS. Loads of them. The girls she's been finding and training ever since the Academy's destruction (and which we've seen in part in 'The Choice'). With their help, Sofia gets close enough to take the demon down - it needs to be physically beaten back through the portal before that can be closed.

* As it falls, and Sofia is consumed by flames (knowing that even if she got close enough to kill it, the resulting explosion would kill her too), she sees a vision of Alita in the heavens reaching for her, surrounded by other fallen friends (Skye, Emma, Erika, and more) and Sofia reaches back with a smile...

* CUT TO the distance, as the demon falls, and Sofia's army watch in stunned silence for a few beats - before with a rallying CHEER for Sofia they smash into the demon's forces and wipe them out.

* In Los Angeles, Spike destroys another Old One (a colossal dragon) in LA by battling his way onto the beast's body, driving a sword into its brain and riding it into the sun, dusting for good in the process.

* Willow begins her spell – and in a blaze of energy transforms herself into pure magical energy, channelling her very essence out to the Scythes (with help from Dawn in the Gateway) and powering them up. The volunteers take them through the rifts and trigger the reversal, and the world’s population of supernatural entities are dragged kicking and screaming into the void. Some survive, their powers warped or neutered, and many humans are also sucked through the rifts before they close.

* In New York, its Faith who charges through the rift to close it from the other side, knowing she'll succumb to her injuries but safe in the knowledge New York will be safe at last. Her eyes close as the portal does, a final smile on her lips...

* In Los Angeles, its Nina who gets through the portal, knowing that the loss of magic in our world will likely kill her anyway. At the ruin of the Slayer Academy, Oz does the same, the two sharing a final phone call and promising to find each other again one day, wherever they end up on the other side. The final rift in the Arctic is closed by Cassandra Holmes, the disgraced Slayer achieving one final act of redemption as the energised Slayer forces mop up the Old One's army.

* Even as the dust settles, hundreds of tiny cracks spread across the world, but these rifts remain sealed for now. A decision is made to suppress information about magic and demons for the world’s safety – the rifts could restart the apocalypse and any knowledge pertaining to them is either destroyed or concealed.


In the aftermath, several major cities have been destroyed with large areas sealed off. Thousands are dead, both from the invasion itself and riots/unrest before and after. The smaller rifts remain a threat but the Hellmouths have gone dormant at last. Small pockets of demons, vampires and other creatures survive the purge, some with altered abilities and some with none at all. The Watchers Council is absorbed into the government, becoming a secretive, international task force working towards global stability. The surviving powered Slayers all go their separate ways – some retire into human society, some work for peace, some work for profit.

On the other side of the rifts, the surviving Old Ones and banished demons want to find a way back in, and won’t stop looking until they find one. For the humans marooned on the other side, it’s a battle for survival as they look for some way to return, while a Council-sponsored black ops team is formed to patrol the rifts and keep them safe.

And several hundred years later, after World War Three kicks the planet’s ass, a young girl named Melaka Fray finds vicious creatures known as Lurks are starting to become an organised force bent on enslaving humanity…

by Lee A. Chrimes

Her magical powers at roughly goddess-level despite her abduction by the villainous Circle, Willow relocates to Ireland after the fall of Synade to build her own Coven and be the Watchers Council’s go-to girl for magical support. After the death of all its remaining members, Delaney inherits the ‘power’ of the Coven di Fuoco, something she neither wants nor understands.


Alyson Hannigan as 'Willow Rosenberg'
Rachael Leigh Cook as 'Delaney Brogan'
Chiaki Kuriyama as 'Patty Tokijawa'
Robin Sachs as 'Ethan Rayne'
Matthew Bomer as 'Agent Winstone'


* Willow is set up in Dublin, Ireland with her new Coven, acting as head of the New Watchers Council's magical support network. Delaney, Winstone and Patty roll into town on a mission to track rogue warlock Ethan Rayne, enlisting Willow's team to help out.

* Ethan had been a prisoner of the Initiative (since Buffy S4) and was providing intel and magical expertise in exchange for more lenient treatment, only to mastermind an escape from their secure facility in Nevada. Winstone brought in Delaney and Patty to help, and Delaney recommended Willow given their previous encounters.

* They track Ethan to a location where he raises an army of demons, overunning the city centre and leaving the gang fighting back. When the dust clears, Delaney is missing...

* She wakes up as a captive of Ethan, who set up the demons as a diversion so he could grab her. He plans to ritually sacrifice her and channel the power of the Coven di Fuoco into himself!

* Willow leads the others on a rescue mission, but when they storm Ethan's base Delaney is stabbed in the melee even though Ethan is apprehended moments later. Delaney dies for a few moments before Winstone is able to revive her - but Willow senses a shift in the balance of magic as a result.

* Winstone wants to put Ethan back in 'the deepest hole in the ground we can find', but Willow has a better idea, literally sealing Ethan in an underground prison as punishment. Winstone leaves with the recovering Delaney, but Willow offers a grave warning that something has changed in the natural order as a result of Delaney's 'death'...

by Lee A. Chrimes

Setting up in New York, Faith became the mystical guardian of an interdimensional Gateway in the bowels of an insane asylum, protecting it and the helpless under her care from a variety of threats. After the public ‘outing’ of the supernatural world by the resurrected Mayor Wilkins, Faith and the team defeated the Mayor on live TV, making them celebrities and re-opening their asylum as a haven for the lost souls of the city.


Eliza Dushku as 'Siobhan 'Faith' Lehane'
Amanda Seyfried as 'Noa DeRubria'
Felicia Day as 'Vi Bowen'
Michelle Trachtenberg as 'Dawn Summers'
Julian McMahon as 'Jerry Heal'
Kyoko Fukuda as 'Reiko Kimusume'
Kirsten Prout as 'Belle Parrish'
Jensen Ackles as 'Scott Jacobs'


* Faith's team are down in the subway with Belle and Reiko in attendance (all Slayers do a two-week rotation at the Asylum for experience of its unique properties). There have been a spate of paranormal disturbances all across New York City, with the team unable to find a source despite identifying patterns of energy and behaviour.

* We catch up on the status quo within the Asylum - Noa runs the show, with Vi as head orderly. The Asylum is known across the country as a place of refuge for people afflicted with supernatural ailments, and operates to cure what it can and rehabilitate what it can't. Scott runs security now that he's out of the NYPD, but retains a good network of contacts alongside Jerry, the 'face' of the Asylum now that its activities are more public-facing. It's become the #1 place in NYC that helps the helpless, and with occasional trips off-world via the Gateway in the basement, they can even relocate demons and other creatures to better planets and dimensions.

* Answering a distress call, the team find a second, larger Gateway, which Dawn discovers is set to only dial into Earth from one external location - somewhere unknown, deep within the Void. The Gateway starts to activate and Dawn can't keep it shut, with the team battling a force of demons that emerge unlike anything they've ever encountered. Faith and Dawn are forced to enter to shut the gateway from within, and on the other side get a brief glimpse of the Old Ones, making their way slowly towards our world.

* After temporarily getting stuck in the hostile dimension, with the team back on Earth called away to combat more disturbances across the city caused by the surge in energy from the new Gateway, faith and dawn realise they can't lock the Gateway, only temporarily jam it shut. They do so, barely escaping in one piece and having to leave the Gateway as a weak barrier against the beings lurking beyond.

* The Slayers head off, knowing they need to mobilise all their forces worldwide ready for whatever's coming, and the Asylum remains on high alert for signs of another breach.
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