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Cancelled and Ended Shows / Re: Smallville
« Last post by Tony Black on Today at 09:52 »
Personally I'd get him in the suit a lot faster & essentially transform it into a Superman show - that's what this tried to do without pulling the gun properly on it.
Affiliates & Links / The Bottle Episode
« Last post by Matt Latham on Today at 09:24 »

I talk about TV, a bit. You can't really describe it as anything else.  :picard:
Cancelled and Ended Shows / Re: Smallville
« Last post by Ian_Austin on Today at 09:21 »
Only if it's a BSG style reboot.

Take the idea, but go a different way. Don't try and ape anything the show did, because fans want what they liked and non-fans weren't interested in the first place and will want something new. Something like BSG didn't pander to either group, and thus found it's own audience.
Cancelled and Ended Shows / Re: Star Trek Discussion
« Last post by Tony Black on Today at 09:19 »
Wherever it goes, it has to be creatively different anyway. If they try and redo the 80's/90's model of Trek storytelling, it'll die a death again fast - the show needs to evolve in line with current trends and ideally really create an expanded TV universe, much like DC are doing very well. Trek already did that to an extent 20 years ago but they never capitalised on it enough.
I quite like how they've really given Bonnie some good stuff again, since the last three seasons I've been wondering why they haven't just got rid of her.
The Television Set / Re: Game of Thrones
« Last post by Matt Latham on Today at 09:17 »
My money's on zombie Joffrey reclaiming the throne.
Cancelled and Ended Shows / Re: Star Trek Discussion
« Last post by RJ Alden Lackie on Today at 08:55 »
Have to say, as much as I'd love to see Trek back on TV, the idea of it airing on CBS gives me pause. The last thing we need is a Trek version of NCIS. I'd personally love to see what AMC, FX, or even Netflix could do with a Trek series.
That said, this is also the network that's given us The Good Wife and Madam Secretary, shows that are unabashedly smart and political. (I haven't seen the latter but I know how it's branded itself.) This Federation pitch seems like a potentially brilliant mix of those smarts with some adventure, which I think is possibly the ideal Trek reboot.

And, as long as it's not dumbed down, CBS relaunching Trek as a series business might actually be the best thing for the long term health of the franchise, EVEN IF we don't like the initial series they do. Why? It's the highest rated of the networks, which could provide the underlying ratings to fuel the ensuing series on cable for aaaages.

On another note, I wouldn't include AMC on a list of dream networks. At this point, their house style is dangerous unless they have a genius creator on board guiding it. For every Mad Men they've got two Hell on Wheels.
Cancelled and Ended Shows / Re: Smallville
« Last post by Tony Black on Today at 08:32 »
God yes Willow.

Smallville eventually will make my retro TV review list but I always felt like it squandered the potential there. Go for it!
Cancelled and Ended Shows / Re: Star Trek Discussion
« Last post by Tony Black on Today at 08:31 »
What they need to work out with this is what they want it to be.

I think we can all agree its highly unlikely to be set back in the original timeline now. At the same time, I can't see them translating TOS to the small screen again - recast Kirk & co again? That's what they have to do given certainly Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban & Simon Pegg are all bonafide movie stars.
Malleus Maleficarum / Re: Season Four Discussion
« Last post by The Boy Slayer on Today at 07:59 »
Li, I have been a fan of MM since I started creeping on this place (in a good way.haha)

So I have to know......is this done and over or will you do like some last movie to tie it up and end it on a good note for Hallow to flow into when it gets A. Picked up and B. Gets renewed for a second season?

Because I would love for Lunette or Aveline to journey to this small town and kick it with the Hallow gang.
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