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The Pitch Arena / Re: White Hats (Buffy Wishverse)
« Last post by Chuck Rich on Mon Mar 2 2015, 18:40 »
At this stage it's just planned as a miniseries. Back when the idea first occurred to me it was to write what happens after The Wish but I was also so interested in writing Vampire Willow and Xander and the idea of exploring how all the events of S1 & 2 played out different without Buffy. But if I do this and it's successful I'd definitely think about going forward from there. Would Kendra still be the next slayer called? Would the Mayor still attempt his ascension with The Master holding so much power over Sunnydale? Would there still be a Dawn if someone else is the slayer when Glory comes after the key? So many different angles to explore.
The Pitch Arena / Re: White Hats (Buffy Wishverse)
« Last post by Guy R James on Mon Mar 2 2015, 01:12 »
Definitely think there could be a lot mined from the Wishverse.  The glimpses we saw were epic and would be great to see explored in more detail.  Is this a miniseries or something you'd want to expand on more?  Definitely would read a pilot for this.
The Pitch Arena / Re: White Hats (Buffy Wishverse)
« Last post by Matt_O_Steele on Sat Feb 28 2015, 19:26 »
This sounds like a fantastic idea. To explore the Wish-verse, that's something be really entertaining to see done. Sign me up for interested in checking it out.
The Television Set / Re: The Flash
« Last post by Dex on Sat Feb 28 2015, 05:21 »
Sounds like a TV Justice League is exactly what they're going for.

Caity Lodz, who played Sarah “Black Canary” Lance, would apparently be part of the spin-off, even though her character was killed off on “Arrow.”

Those repising their roles in the potential spin-off would include Brandon Routh as Ray “The Atom” Palmer, Victor Garber as Martin “Firestorm” Stein and Wentworth Miller as Leonard “Captain Cold” Snart.

Additionally, Deadline Hollywood reports that the potential series would include three major DC Comics characters that have never appeared in a TV series.

Full Article: http://www.aintitcool.com/node/70513

The Pitch Arena / White Hats (Buffy Wishverse)
« Last post by Chuck Rich on Sat Feb 28 2015, 02:37 »

"You trusting fool! How do you know the other world is any better than this?!"
"Because it has to be."

Just how bad was that world that we saw in "The Wish?" We know the alternate reality started with Buffy not coming to Sunnydale and we know how it ended but what happened in between?

Main Characters

Rupert Giles - Giles finds himself at the mouth of Hell without a Chosen One to guide. Should he stand and fight or turn and run? The one thing he can't do is sit back and watch.

Willow Rosenberg - As a studious bookworm Willow took an immediate liking to the school's new librarian but little did she know that he'd introduce her to a world of evil she thought only existed in stories and nightmares.

Xander Harris - When one of his best friends tried to kill him Xander learned fast that in Sunnydale you keep your friends close and your enemies as far away as possible. He'll have to be brave or he won't have any friends left.

Daniel "Oz" Osbourne - He just wanted to finish high school, play in his band and get to know the shy readhead he sees around town but Sunnydale's not such a sunny place these days and there's a bad moon on the rise.

Larry Blaisdell - There was a time that Larry was just another bully, taking his personal problems out on the vulnerable. As his hometown became overrun with real Big Bads he realized it was time to use his strength to fight for what's right.

Nancy O'Brien - The day the slayer was supposed to move into town, Nancy comes instead. She's not the Chosen One but she may still have potential.

Angel - The vampire with a soul. He was consumed by guilt until he found out it was his destiny to help the Slayer but things didn't go according to the plan and Angel has to learn the hard way that there's no fate but what we make.


Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone
When the slayer is a no-show, Giles must try desperately to find some way to stop The Master from rising and wreaking havoc on Sunnydale.

The Near in Blood, The Nearer Bloody
As The Master continues to amass power the White Hats make a last-ditch attempt to stop him. Not all of them will make it out alive.

Love Wounds and Mars
Vampire lovers Spike & Drusilla come into town but they've got some stiff competition for the title of Sunndydale's deadliest couple.

As I Lay Me Down To Sleep
Giles has serious doubts if he was ever cut out to be a watcher just as a threat from his misspent youth pays a visit.

What Can't We Face
The Master is planning something big. Today Sunnydale, tomorrow the world. Unless the White Hats can put a stop to it. Meanwhile, the slayer has her hands full in Cleveland.

I was biting off more than I could chew trying to launch a full 13-episode multi-season show with Xena. I need to start smaller so I wanted a project I could do in the event series format like Batman with a handful of episodes. I've been kicking this Wishverse idea around in my head for years and it seemed like a good fit. Filling in the blanks of the most important beats between "The Harvest" and "The Wish" to see just how everything went so wrong without Buffy around to save the day.

So, is this something you'd be interested in reading?  :feedback:
Chit 'n' Chat / Re: Celebrity R.I.P.
« Last post by Crimson Hawk on Fri Feb 27 2015, 23:04 »
R.I.P Mr. "Spock" Nimoy, you gave us a vision of what to be a created genius. Live Long and Prosper.
Chit 'n' Chat / Re: Celebrity R.I.P.
« Last post by Andrew Corvero on Fri Feb 27 2015, 20:52 »
R.I.P. Mr. Nimoy. You have lied long, and prospered.
Chit 'n' Chat / Re: Celebrity R.I.P.
« Last post by Guy R James on Fri Feb 27 2015, 20:45 »
Definitely a sad day, but what a life and legacy he has left.  RIP Mr. Nimoy. 
Chit 'n' Chat / Re: Celebrity R.I.P.
« Last post by J.B. Gibson on Fri Feb 27 2015, 19:25 »
"A life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP" Nimoy's final tweet.
Chit 'n' Chat / Re: Celebrity R.I.P.
« Last post by Chuck Rich on Fri Feb 27 2015, 19:00 »
Not to diminish any of the other passings but this is one of the most saddening celebrity losses ever to me. I was about to say the universe became just a little bit darker today but instead I choose to think it got a little brighter since now his light is no longer confined by flesh and bone. Boldly go on that journey that all men eventually do, Mr. Nimoy. I don't know if a new life awaits us on the other side but I'm sure you'll seek it out.​
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