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The Creative Playground / Dawn Of The Walking Dead - FanFic Comic Scripts
« Last post by Jadams on Fri Apr 21 2017, 23:56 »
Hey guys,

For the last couple months I've been working hard on a project I know I'll never be able to release or ever see in the desired form. However, I've loved doing it and have a desire to continue working on the project now that the first 'Volume' is finished.

Based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead, 'Dawn Of The Walking Dead' follows a different group of survivors after the outbreak who are trying to survive in Orlando, Florida and stumble across an 80s style camp site, where relationships form and a terrifying new enemy closes in. The first Volume, now complete, is called 'Camp Nowhere'.

The six issues of Volume 1: Camp Nowhere are in comic script format, meaning they might be confusing to read although I'd like to think they're easy to adjust to. Even without seeing the art - I'm crap at drawing - I've had a great time writing them, and although they're probably littered with errors I'd hope they'd be a fun read.

Each Issue is 22 pages, like the industry standard, and although I occasionally deviate from the norm for the purpose of the story, I'd like to think that if completed with art, it would be a good addition to the Walking Dead universe.

No worries if no one reads; this is very much a labour of love, and I'm not sure it would appeal to anyone or be any good at all.


Volume 1: Camp Nowhere

Issue #1

Issue #2

Issue #3

Issue #4

Issue #5

Issue #6

P.S. Never played the Telltale Game nor know anything about it. Any similarities are totally unintentional.
The Pitch Arena / Re: RAGNAROK: An MZPtv Buffyverse Mini-Series
« Last post by The Boy Slayer on Fri Apr 21 2017, 17:25 »
I'm an impatient cow. I need this like I need air.
Can we get the tiniest spoiler about this, or you know, how its coming along?
The Movie Zone / Re: Action Movies
« Last post by Matt Latham on Mon Apr 3 2017, 10:12 »
Power Rangers was awesome. There were bits that reminded me a little of that time myself and Jay were brainstorming ways to reboot it for here.
The Movie Zone / Re: Action Movies
« Last post by Matthew Steele on Sat Apr 1 2017, 14:29 »
  I really like the look of the new Power Rangers movie but I'm not sold on the story or the actors yet. It all seems kind of bland once you get passed the visuals.

The new movie is pretty good. Gives us time to know the characters a lil bit. The zords r also something that was interesting.  One bit of music was awesome to hear. Cheesy but cool. Yeah not as much action but the next one will deliver
The Welcome Mat / Re: Hey from a new guy
« Last post by Matthew Steele on Sat Apr 1 2017, 14:11 »
The Movie Zone / Re: Action Movies
« Last post by Guy01 on Thu Mar 30 2017, 04:34 »

WHO'S SEEN IT?  bananasplit :beer:
The Television Set / Re: The Walking Dead
« Last post by Dex on Tue Mar 28 2017, 02:19 »
  Yeah, it felt like a "sliding pieces into place for the finale" kind of episode. The Sasha stuff felt a little out of place in my opinion. They were so few and far between in the beginning that I'd kinda of forgotten about her until she came back on.
The Television Set / Re: The Walking Dead
« Last post by Jadams on Mon Mar 27 2017, 21:42 »
Not really sure on the most recent episode to be honest. I thought the action was fun, and there was - certainly - some interesting stuff going down, but it felt clunky, the plot had moments that made my eyes roll, and the structure felt off. Also, very predictable in its decisions.
The Pitch Arena / Re: RAGNAROK: An MZPtv Buffyverse Mini-Series
« Last post by DarkwingChuck on Thu Mar 23 2017, 12:27 »
They're on the full list that was released a long with a ton of other shows. Firefly and Dollhouse too. Netflix will be Whedonless.
The Television Set / Re: The Walking Dead
« Last post by Jadams on Wed Mar 22 2017, 20:49 »
Am I the only one who didn't really enjoy this last episode? I think the second half of this season has been far stronger than the first, but I just found the most recent episode so frustrating - it slows down the pace of the series and shows us I whole ton of stuff we didn't need to see. Plus, I really don't care for Sasha or Rosita...

Anyone like this episode? I'd love to here people's thoughts on it.
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