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Author Topic:  Reviews and Feedback  (Read 11022 times)

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Reviews and Feedback
« on: Sat Feb 28 2009, 20:56 »
At MZPtv, we love readers to leave feedback on any written work they have read. After all, the stories we share here are the whole point of the community!

Both readers and writers should be aware that there are many styles of reader feedback, such as general feedback, likes, comments, and critical reviews.

General feedback
This is the type of feedback a reader leaves when they are reading for fun. They turn off their inner critic, give a free reign to their imagination and just enjoy the ride. It's usually free-written and is mostly positive.

Share your appreciation of an episode by clicking " Like" on the topic, or giving the writer a thumbs up in the discussion thread. This lets the writer know people are engaging! Even the briefest of comment confirming you've read the writer's work makes the world of difference.

Reviews are a lot more constructive. They point out the positives as well as the negatives. Sometimes, the criticism can be quite critical, so writers are advised to keep this in mind. They are most often accompanied by a score out of 5 or 10 (or 100 for the really ambitious reviewer). Remember to review the work, not attack the writer.

If you know you have a thin skin, then perhaps note this on your show thread and ask that any overtly negative reviews be PMed rather than posted in the thread. Also be aware that many reviewers have their own review sites and may post these negative reviews there. A review is not a personal attack! Take what you can from the review to improve your future work, rather than letting it get you down.

Please be mindful of the experience and sensitivities of the writer. Try and also post something positive, preferably at the beginning and end of your review. Like a constructive criticism sandwich. Meat on the inside, fluffy bun on the outside.

If you have read an episode and don't have time to leave a review, please consider leaving at least some feedback. Tell the writer what your favourite moment in the script was, who was your favourite character, or perhaps if there was a particularly memorable line of dialogue. A review can be a single sentence, a single paragraph, or an epic novel itself! Feel free to explore a feedback style that suits you.

The stories here are free of charge. Please let the writers know you appreciate their hard work and that you want them to continue.

We thank you for your time.
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