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Author Topic: Season Two Discussion  (Read 1530 times)

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Season Two Discussion
« on: Wed Mar 11 2009, 15:05 »
The place to discuss season two of Faith!


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Re: Season Two Discussion
« Reply #1 on: Wed Apr 1 2009, 06:34 »
This seasonal demonstrate again proves Eliza Dushku can do no wrong:

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Re: Season Two Discussion
« Reply #2 on: Sun Sep 12 2010, 18:31 »
I absolutely LOVED the first two episodes and I've started the third episode. So far, this one os the best from an emotional perspective and I feel Gabriel's death scene was rather well-written although I am sad to see our lovable cryptic messenger boy go. The scene where he kisses Faith was something I was waiting for for quite a while and I was hoping he'd survive to maybe be her new lover in place of Robin. The idea of the season's Big Bad being a manifestation of Faith's own dark side is riveting and I can't wait for Evil Faith to show up. :)

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Re: Season Two Discussion
« Reply #3 on: Fri Oct 7 2016, 15:44 »
So I've just finished 'Two Second Delay' and thought I'd quickly drop in. I remember season 2 being my favourite season and I'd probably say that this and 'Warden' are my favourite Faith episodes.

Poor Noa :( How could you do this to Noa? If I was reading week by week I'd be pulling my hair out at what you did to her. Thankfully I already know how it changes her and the great stuff that;s coming so I guess I can forgive you. How early did you know you were going to put her in a wheelchair?

I love all of Evil Faith's stuff but this episode is a particular highlight. I love her visits with each team member. Did you enjoy writing her? It seems that way when reading. She's delightfully insane!

I'll post more thorough notes when I've finished the season which will probably be Sunday now. Got a volunteer shift tonight then uni tutorials tomorrow.

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Re: Season Two Discussion
« Reply #4 on: Mon Oct 10 2016, 12:06 »
'Two Second Delay' and the general tone from S2 onwards was down in large part to Mike Jay's influence on the show, running with the darker style Jeff ('J. Alan Shelton') had put us into late in S1. One of his key tenets was for villains to feel effective, they have to get away with things sometimes - they have to be a threat, and the best way to action that and make them fearsome opponents is to have them hurt and/or kill one of your characters.

Noa's arc runs throughout the next few years, but unfortunately she became the logical choice to permanently injure based on plans we had in store for the other characters. Evil Faith is a blast to have around, but for the audience to see her as a true villain, she had to do something big enough to justify her ongoing presence. I think the decision to take Noa where we did was made fairly early on, but I'm glad we stuck with it.

Season Three is an interesting one, however - it's my second least favourite after S1, because we tried to supersize the season into 22 episodes only to pull back sharply on that in the second half. We also had issues with one staff writer so there was a degree of backstage politics to be worked out. There's still a ton of good stuff in there but we should have stuck with 13 episodes and stayed really focused. Luckily that's exactly what we did for the final two seasons :)

Offline Lukey

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Re: Season Two Discussion
« Reply #5 on: Mon Oct 10 2016, 14:36 »
I've just finished reading 'Warden' and it reminded me why it was my favourite episode of 'Faith' and why 'Faith' was my favourite MZP Bufyverse show.

The second season was much tighter than the first and much more consistent. Evil Faith was a great addition to the show and there is a real sense of danger whenever she is around. The way she takes down the entire team in one night is 'Two Second Delay' really cements her as a threat. Her dialogue, particularly in her confrontations with Faith, is a joy to read.

The action scenes in this season leap off the page and read more fluid than the previous season. I also like that team Faith didn't win every battle and not every episode had a happy ending. That is not what Faith is about, she has the good and the bad, you just gotta get through it and keep fighting. This is especially true of Noa who has gone from being the bubbly comic relief to being the bubbly comic relief cripple who is still bad ass. I like that she has been changed by what Evil Faith did to her but it hasn't changed who she is at her core.

I love everything to do with the Gateway and the mythology that was built up around this is a great so I'm looking forward to exploring that some more when I read through seasons 3 4 and 5 again. \the same with the orderlies. I love them standing up and taking charge in 'Warden' similar to in Buffy's`Graduation Day Part 2'. Rachel becomes one of my favourite characters so it's nice to see where she started with her first introduction in 'Warden'.

I'd go with 'Warden' being my favourite episode of the season closely followed by 'Two Second Delay'. Both move the story along massively and have some great action scenes with some even bigger consequences that are felt right through the series finale. Mayor Wilkins' return was a great choice of villain for Faith to go up against so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into that. Did you always know you wanted to bring him back or was that something that developed after season 1 had finished and you were moving into season 2 with a new creative team?

The darker tone of season 2 suits the show much better than the inconsistent dark/hopeful/comedic feel of season 1. The show gets incredibly dark at times, Vi's torture, all of 'Two Second Delay', Evil Faith, yet still has that air of hope with Noa, the orderlies standing up and doing what's right and Faith herself trying to make amends for everything that she has done.

Season 2 was my favourite season of Faith and reading it again has been great. I've enjoyed every episode of it and it further solidifies Faith as my favourite MZP Buffyverse show. It'd be interesting to one day see the original plans for what the show was going to be seeing as how youve mentioned it was almost completely different.