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Author Topic: Recommended by the EpiGuide!  (Read 1192 times)

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Recommended by the EpiGuide!
« on: Wed Mar 11 2009, 18:22 »
We've been featured as one of the EpiGuide's top 4 sites for this season, so here's the article!

Full article here...

Like RECON, Somewhere Inbetween has just begun its second season. And it, too, is about a sort of reconstruction: in this case, the internal rebuilding of one's soul. SIB focuses on two main characters: Chris, a man living a strange half-human existence due to a vampire attack that didn't quite "take," and Twist, a vampire who's been literally to hell and back in order to redeem for the many deaths weighing on her conscience. The two have teamed up with a couple of other allies to find release once and for all from the magnetic pull of the darkness within them. Will they succeed in this seemingly endless journey? Dunno. But luckily for us, along the way they kick ass and crack wise -- especially the snarkalicious Twist.

Taking place on the present-day but undeniably different Earth, SIB inhabits a dark, action-packed universe where vampires are known to exist and ubervillains such as evil (but funny) Malkuth try to grab power by scientifically creating armies of bloodsuckers. The dynamic between the supernaturals and humans on SIB is reminiscent of the human/mutant conflict of X-Men; also like the mutants, the SiB vampire society harbours an intriguing intra-racial (intra-species?) rift: though most vampires are happy living the undead life of their forebears -- you know, the whole murdering "I vant to suck your blood" thang -- there's a growing resistance consisting of vamps who long for a peaceful coexistence with humans. (It's the latter group to which Chris, Twist and co. have been drawn.)

In the series' larval stage, creator Lee Chrimes planned SIB as a Buffy: The Vampire Slayer fanfic. Thankfully the story and characters were reworked in order to launch SIB as an original webseries. If you like black humor, emotional turmoil, double-barrelled action, slick images and a rockin' soundtrack, let the darkness envelope you as you head Somewhere Inbetween.