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Author Topic:  SIB - Complete Series VDVD & The Story So Far  (Read 1567 times)

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SIB - Complete Series VDVD & The Story So Far
« on: Wed Mar 11 2009, 18:19 »


This VDVD set contains:

- Season 1 (22 episodes in PDF format)
– Season 2 (22 episodes in PDF format)
– Season 3 (22 episodes in PDF format)
– Season 4 (22 episodes in PDF format)

(contains spoilers for Seasons 1-4)

Christopher Berkeley is half vampire. The good half, with the strength, regenerative powers and speed of mankind's natural predator, with only some of the weaknesses.Chris was turned thirty years ago by ancient and powerful vampire elder Sanctus, able to save his humanity and stop the process by use of his extensive knowledge of healing magics, warding spells and everything he could lay his hands on to help.

He is helped on his quest by Twist McFadden, a vampire who fell in with the wrong crowd at a young age, but met her end when she tried to save her baby sister from the rest of her vampire gang. Executed by her former lover, Twist was chained to a hilltop and left to burn in the rays of the morning sun - but things didn't end there, as Twist awoke to find herself in Hell! Twist ended up in a personally-designed chamber that brought her worst fear to life, until she was accidentally summoned back to Earth by Chris after one of his spells misfired.

Seeing the cure and the chance to help the helpless alongside Chris as her hope of paying off her karmic debts, she became his sidekick and ally. Along the way they picked up two new recruits - vampire DJ and resistance spokesperson Danyael Norton, and doctor turned occult specialist Julie Kingston. Together, the team discovered that there was another route to finding the cure - an ancient healing device, its parts split up and spread across the globe, but if reconstructed could be the answer Chris has been looking for...

A surprise reappearance by Sanctus, bringing with him seasoned warrior Diego, brought the team's attention to a new menace - Manon, a French warlock who was last seen getting sucked into a distant dimension filled with horrific beasts known as the Skorpione. Somehow, Manon had managed to claw his way back into our world more powerful than ever, and with an army of Skorpione just waiting for him to unleash them on the world!

A new player entered the game as the team encountered Dr. Parker, a brilliant scientist who inherited the network of research labs left vacant by the retired David Osbourne and his team, turning the resources at his disposal to finding new ways to study and then destroy the underworld threat. Parker was not what he seemed, however, and with a secret alliance with Chris' first partner, vampire and nemesis Vivian Taylor led Parker to manipulate the team into doing his dirty work for him.

Chris was marooned on a mysterious island where he encountered the enigmatic Syren, a young girl with extraordinary magical powers but no memory of her past. The reunited team escaped from Parker's labs (though with the loss of rogue psychic Lizzie Duncan when she sacrificed herself to break Twist out of a coma Parker had put her into) and raced to stop Manon opening a network of portals across the globe, ready to set his armies of Skorpione loose on the planet...

Manon was defeated, but the fatally wounded Chris gave his life to defeat him, hurling them both through another portal moments before Manon's entire base self-destructed. For six long months the team struggled on without him, until Sanctus led them to the Trinity, an ancient group with their own agenda for world domination - which started when they killed Sanctus right before the shocked team!

Danyael recruited his ex Naomi Vyra into the team to help out, and able assistance came from necromancer Michelle Hawkes as the team battled various Trinity schemes. None of them suspected, however, that Naomi was secretly working with the Trinity until she murdered Julie and ran to assume leadership of the Trinity. It all came down to a final showdown as the team tried to stop Naomi changing the world...

Although Diego fell as he stopped the Trinity from awakening an ancient god, the Trinity were stopped, and Danyael himself struck the killing blow to Naomi - but she still had enough left to stake Twist and send her straight back to Hell! To her horror, she found that she stil hadn't done enough to balance her karmic debt. With Chris vowing to bring her back no matter what the cost, the only question now is whether he can save her a second time?

Luckily, the answer was 'yes,' with Chris bravely journeying into hell itself to bring Twist back a second time - striking a bargain with the Devil along the way! Soon after their return, the team encountered old foe Vivian - now apparently a freedom fighter dedicated to bringing down the empire of the villainous Dr. Parker as revenge for his betrayal. Despite initial reservations, Vivian's help proved invaluable and she was inducted into the team.

The team then found themselves allied with one of America's werwolf clans after they rescued Marcus Rollins from enemy custody - landing themselves smack in the middle of a turf war, with the bickering Black and White Fur clanson one side and dangerous new menace Conall on the other, amassing an army of werewolves of his own making to wipe out every last trace of the old order. However, Conall had a surprising ally to help his fight...

Parker, running his own Zero Tolerance operation to wipe out thecountry's population of inhumans, gave Conall all the assistance he needed - until a series of brutal final struggles left both Conall and the Fur clan elders dead. Leaving their allies to restart their clan's path, the team journeyed to Parker's main base - only to find a horde of murderous escaped experiments and Parker himself mutated to monstrous proportions, out for blood!
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