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Author Topic: ANNOUNCEMENT: Andrew Corvero returns to MZPtv with The Smile of the White Lady!  (Read 13389 times)

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It's an exciting time here at MZPtv - and for our third new project we're delighted to announce the commissioning of The Smile of the White Lady, created by Andrew Corvero (My Dearest Friend, Kings Cross).

Set across multiple time periods, Smile follows the story of multiple characters whose destinies are tied together by the White Lady, a supernatural being which first appears in the series stalking the enigmatic "feral child" Kaspar Hauser. Loosely inspired by a real life unsolved mystery, Smile revolves around the secrets behind Kaspar's identity and death and how they affect Ben Stanhope, a descendant of a British lord who took care of Kaspar and tried to find out the truth about his origins. Ben is haunted by the White Lady, helped by his psychologist, Alice Munro, and the object of the investigation of Inspector Markov of the Saint Petersburg police. A very dark series in tone, Smile aims to blend supernatural horror, historical and psychological drama, and to surprise its readers with shocking twists and revelations rooted in some of the spookiest pages of the 19th century history.

Andrew Corvero said "Smile of the White Lady is a mini series that brings together many things that I enjoy: psychological horror, real life mysteries and historical drama. It's my darkest idea by far and my first foray at horror, but the pitch seems to have been captured many people's attention, so I hope it'll live up to the hype!"

A mini-series comprising three episodes, The Smile of the White Lady is set to join Tomb Raider and Sins of an Ancient Empire exclusively on MZPtv next year.

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And it's official now! I'm loving writing this mini, I hope that you guys enjoy it half as much as I am now!

And thanks Vaughn for the spiffy spooky poster.  :tiphat:


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This took us all of about four minutes to approve. I can't wait to see what you've got, mate.

And yeah, that poster is awesome.

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This is right up my street - love the old style, spooky/mystery horror.  The element of mixing both real life and a little fantasy sounds great, can't wait to see what you come up with for this.

Also, great poster.  I had to look twice before I realised the face in the background. Creepy!

Offline Matthew Steele

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Love this news. And love the poster. Really intriguing idea and looking forward to it so much.
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