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Author Topic:  MZPtv: Frequently Asked Questions  (Read 16103 times)

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MZPtv: Frequently Asked Questions
« on: Sat Feb 28 2009, 18:46 »
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does MZPtv do?

A: MZPtv is a long-running writers' circle & web fiction community, where our members have committed countless hours to creating various types of original fiction & fanfiction for people's reading pleasure. Though our primary output has been written in screenplay format, we welcome a variety of different content types, including prose, audio, and video.

MZPtv also strives to provide our community with all sorts of writing tips, resources, articles, links, and recommended reading, along with plenty of entertainment-related discussion and silliness.

Q: How do I join? What are the benefits?

A: Sign up for a membership by using the 'Register' link at the top of our community forums.

The benefits are that members get newsletters and updates of what's going on at MZPtv, as well as the ability to join in with any of our shows, either as a writer or as a producer. We have a thriving community of writers and readers who enjoy chatting about all manner of topics, including television, books, and movies, as well as helping each other improve their writing (both script and prose).

Q: What sort of content are you looking for?

A: We're all glorious geeks here, so we often favour big ideas that fit into the classification of "genre" works: sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, fairy tale, horror, and anything with an otherworldly spin. This includes both original fiction and fanfiction.

BUT, if you need feedback on straight dramas or silly comedies, we're always willing to help!

A lot of our content tends to be in the scripted "Virtual Series" format, which is structured like a television series, but we're also looking for prose series/serials, short form works, mini-series, and more!

Q: What is a "Virtual Series"?

A: An online series that works a bit like TV, written in prose or in screenplay format. Some people call them web serials, others simply call them webfiction/webfic.

However you want to call them, the general idea is to publish many short installments online, with longer form arcs than you'd expect of movies and books.

Each series is written by talented writers from all over the world, sometimes solo, sometimes in a team. A script often takes the form of a 22 minute comedy (around 30 pages) or a 42 minute drama (around 55 pages) episode. A prose serial can wildly vary in length and style, and really it's up to the writer how they want to share their story.

Each episode is posted to our forums in PDF or doc format for people to then download and read at their leisure. Each series has a schedule, often weekly -- much like a real television series -- but bi-weekly or monthly are common too. Some shows air on an unscheduled basis, posting episodes whenever they're finished.

MZPtv strives to produce content of a high-quality that provides all the thrills, laughs and excitement you'd get from a real television series.

Virtual Series often have "Fantasy Casting", where the producers of each show will pick an actor or actress that they think would best fit the role. However, this is not a requirement. None of these actors have any association with MZPtv, and the act of fantasy casting is purely for fun.

Q: I have an idea for a "Virtual Series", prose serialisation, web comic, audio series, or video series. How do I tell you about it?

A: First, sign up for a membership by using the "Register" link at the top of our community forums. Introduce yourself in The Welcome Mat and get involved by joining in with whatever discussions you like. We want people to be ingrained with our community. We want to get to know YOU! On MZPtv, the writer is the hero.

If you want to post a finished project (such as a spec script or a short story), or want to share a regular series/serial on our forums, that goes in Community Projects.

If you need feedback on unfinished work, head to Work In Progress.

If you want to know whether an idea has legs, or if anyone would be interested in reading it, head to Ideas and Pitches

If you've got a writing questions, you want The Writer's Circle.

If you have any questions, you can send any of our Admins or Moderators a Private Message (PM). We're all friendly and willing to help, no matter what the query.

Q: I want to write for one of your shows. How do I sign up?

A: The best way is to make friends! Join in with discussions, share your thoughts on a writer's ideas, and see if they need help.

Q: I already have a Virtual Series, prose serialisation, web comic, audio series, or video series. How do I get it on to MZPtv to get some more viewers?

A: Register on our community forums and contact somebody from the Admin (such as Vaughn or Lee A. Chrimes) or Moderator team. There's always someone willing to direct your query to the right person. We'll try and find a place to link to your show in one of our Virtual Series boards to get you some more promotion, or add you to our affiliates page. We're open to working with anyone!
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