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Author Topic:  Board Netiquette (The Rules)  (Read 13188 times)

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Board Netiquette (The Rules)
« on: Sat Feb 28 2009, 20:51 »
Every board has rules, and this one is no different. Please make sure you are familiar with these before interacting with fellow members.

Post language

No "text-speak"
This is a writing board and we would prefer that members use proper English rather than the abbreviated version of it used in chat, SMSes etc.

No shouting
Please don't write entire posts in Uppercase. You may use a few words for emphasis, but please be mindful.

Other languages
This board is an English-speaking board, however, we welcome second-language English speakers and hope we can provide assistance where we can

Post content

No spam
Please do not spam the board with self-promotion, links etc. This is often seen as a serious offence as MZPtv is not an advertising board - it is a community. You may receive a warning if you simply promote your own interests each time you post.

No troll-like behaviour
It is a given that some writers have thick skins and can be brutally honest. It is also a given that some writers do not. Please be mindful of your fellow writer and reader.

Do not hurl insults, racist, sexist or hurtful remarks at a person. You may not agree with each other, but that is never a good excuse for personal attacks.

If you feel you have been personally attacked or unfairly treated, please flag the issue to a one of the administrators in the problem resolution thread or by PMing an admin.

Use spoiler tags or spoiler space
Please remember that not everyone is on the same page as you. Flag all potential spoilers with spoiler space or with the board's spoiler tags (you will see these when you hit "Post") available under this icon .

Limit pointless posts
Please don't make threads or posts that have no relevance or bearing. If you are reviewing a show - tell use what you liked; if you have seen a movie - tell us what you enjoyed; if you dislike a book - tell us why. "This sucks" or "This rocks" statements are more suited to chat rooms, and not a forum of readers and writers.

Other offenses

Plagiarism is a bannable offence. We have a zero tolerance policy on plagiarism, and work is often checked for stolen content.

Repeated troll-like behaviour is a bannable offence.

Creating multiple accounts with the sole purpose of spamming, agreeing with yourself (or more commonly your own ideas) or being a nuisance is a bannable offence.

Not following the pitch rules repeatedly will not make you popular and can lead to a suspension, and possible ban.

Stalking, spamming, and harassing members is a bannable offence.

Not offences, but still bad form

PM spamming- please be mindful not to PM people repeatedly reminding them about a pitch you (or anyone else) has made. To some, this may become frustrating or seen as harassing behaviour.

We thank you for taking the time to read through these rules. Please PM or notify an admin if anything is unclear.
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