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Author Topic: Purgatory (aka: Serenity) w/ Pilot Episode  (Read 12770 times)

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Purgatory (aka: Serenity) w/ Pilot Episode
« on: Fri Oct 31 2014, 19:42 »

"People don't go searching for the town of Purgatory ...
They just happen to find themselves drawn towards it in a time of need!"

Late 1865. The American Civil War has come to a conclusion, the Union were victorious - but not without a heavy cost. The country is in a state of turmoil and a time of change. Amongst the carnage left behind, a new era arose - former Soldiers from the battlefield who found themselves with nothing left to fight for and nowhere left to turn, who started to become known as 'Outlaws'.

Captain Nash Quentin was once a former decorated soldier with the Confederate army, whose own life took a turn for the worse when he refused to follow an order placed down upon him which could have ended the war and given victory to the Confederate army - resulting in him being forced to go on the run. Now, he is a wanted man - riding along with Tala, a Native-American and loyal partner who stands at his side, moving from town to town to avoid the group of Government Officials who threaten their very existence by placing them under arrest for their past crimes.

Finding themselves being chased by Marshall Cordell and his two Deputies, Tala leads Nash to a secluded land - and a town that holds many secrets of it's own, named 'Purgatory' which doesn't appear on any map. Sheriff Jackson, the law of the land offers them Sanctuary within the boundaries of his town and a chance to escape their past.  What Nash soon discovers is that there are strange mysteries surrounding the Sheriff, and the town he finds himself in. A seemingly mystical land which appears protected from some outsiders while those seeking sanctuary, refuge and safe passage often find themselves being pulled towards without reason - no matter of religion, sex or past life.

When a group of three small time outlaws infiltrate the town with plans of their own - one with his own hidden agenda, it's soon called upon Nash and Tala to step forward and protect the people of the town they find themselves in while a fallen hero brings forth an opportunity thrust upon Nash to become someone he never asked to be, a leader and protector of the town containing all the mystical knowledge and secrets it possesses.

With Nash soon left in charge, he soon finds that in order to fulfil the oath he swore to someone - he may have to turn outlaw himself during desperate times of need, including gravitating several of the other residents in on his plans to keep the town safe and the people alive.  Including the likes of Doyle, the owner of the Saloon and Nephew of the Sheriff. Preacher - a man of the cloth who hides his own secrets behind the bible he often quotes from. Kat - a Companion who uses her inteligence, beauty and quick wit to outsmart most people standing in her way. Doc, the local Doctor who often finds himself being forced to treat the wounded that Nash brings back with him. Ruby, a small hyperactive bundle of joy who is desperate to fit in with the group by using her nimble hands and creative skills to assist them in other ways. And lastly, new recruit Butch - a former small time outlaw who finds himself being given a second chance.

Together, this rag-tag bunch of outlaws and residents do whatever it takes to keep the town ticking over and it's people safe from any dangers that may come lurking their way.  While Nash learns slowly more about the town, it's secrets and in particular one very special young woman who may hold the key to everything.

Menawhile, President Abraham Lincoln finds himself victorious - but soon to be short lived as tragedy is about to strike him down - causing the rise to power of the next man in line, President Andrew Johnson - who has his own hidden agenda and secrets to how he was to become one of the most powerful men in America, and he is determined to let no man take it from him without a fight, even if it means tearing one special town apart to take the power it holds within.


'Purgatory' is more than just a name, and more than just your average appearance of a large old Western town. It's special - and none more so than upon first arrival and the huge fifty foot tall archway that loops over the entrance to the sacred town within which appears to be a barrier containing some form of energy that keeps some individuals out. Carvings and ancient symbols upon the archway lead back to ancient periods of civilization, and just might be the key to who created it and placed it there in the first place.

Captain Nash Quentin (Portrayed by: Jensen Ackles) was once a decorated soldier with the Confederate army, who seemingly betrayed an order given down to him - resulting in his escape from custody while sentenced to prison and found himself on the run with a warrant issued for his arrest - dead or alive.  Nash only seeks to find somewhere to call his home and settle down, but is drawn into a deadly war against not only those looking to bring harm to the town he finds himself in - but up against the new President of the United States. A war he may never win!

Tala (Portrayed by: Kaniehtiio Horn)was once part of a small tribe of Apache Indians, who returned home one day to find them all slaughtered - including her own family by the 'white man', under guidance and authority of the Government who took possession of their lands under new ownership.  As she sought out those responsible, she soon found herself arrested and charged with their murders - citing it as justice for the deaths they first caused against her own people.  When she was due to be executed - hung in the towns square, she was rescued by Captain Nash Quentin - who in turn shot several officers, resulting in one serious casualty and a new warrant issued for his arrest.

Since then, the two have become inseperable, and watch each other's backs at all times - with Tala swearing an oath to watch over him until the day she dies.   While their loyalty is often tested in the town where they find themselves, she finds herself possibly discovering a place she can now call home - and her eyes upon a man that she disocovers she has feelings for, but uncertain of how to deal with.

Butch Flint (Portrayed by: Kevin Durand) is a hired gun, a small time outlaw who is often more concerned with money than honesty and partnership.  While he considers himself as often the 'smartest man in the room' - brains is not his best feature, more so he's often considered the muscle of any outfit - not afraid to take it to the opposition with the love of a good fight, either fists or guns.

Behind the facade of what we see on the outside though, is a man with a heart for those he does find himself caring about and standing up for - and who just might be more intelligent than he lets on.  He's a man who is never afraid of asking those questions that others are too scared to, or wish to be heard.

'The Preacher' (Portrayed by: Idris Elba) is a strange man who resides in the town.  His past is shrouded in mystery, but it appears from what can be learnt that he has in some way connections to how the Government works, and the war that took place.  While he's considered a Preacher who talks the talk and uses the bible as his guide, he doesn't appear to be unknown on how to handle a firearm if pushed into it.  His version of this appears to be that the 'Bible' is sometimes hazy on the subject of causing harm upon another - if it's for a good cause of helping those in more dire needs.

Preacher tries his best to be the 'moral guide' for Nash, as well as others in town to seek guidance from in times of need - a voice of reason, conscience and spirituality in terms of his chosen words.  The question that always arises though, and seemingly never answered ... is Preacher secretly working for the Government on the inside, or just a man seeking solitude in his own prayers for the bloodshed he may have been responsible for in his own dark past.

Katee 'Kat' Burchard (Portrayed by: Natalie Dormer) does not only possess beauty, but intelligence and can pack a mean hard punch if need be for a woman of her stature. She is a woman of taste, who always wears the best clothing a woman can buy - due to her profession, a 'Companion' to those that seek her experience, spending her valuable - and expensive time with.  She often visits her clients in other town - with the occassional visit from them to her own beautiful home in the town she resides.

One thing Kat does find vulgar - is being labelled 'Whore' by anyone - including Nash, who often receives a reminder each time the word slips from his lips by a hard palm across his face.  She often describes Nash as that of a  'Senseless Soul That Lacks Heart'. She opened her home to Ruby, after she arrived - who stays there for most of the time, unless Kat has a client visiting and requires the home to herself - not wanting to entice Ruby into the world where she does her business, which can be harsh and cold at times.

Doctor Tobias Grayson (Portrayed by: Daniel Radcliffe) is a former Surgeon/Doctor who once worked for the Union Army during the first year of the war.  Now he finds himself settling down in the town, where he treats the sick, disabled and injured who reside there - and others just passing through.  Although his appearance is that of nothing more than a young man, his ability with surgical tools at his disposal puts him above many others with his knowledge and expertise as a Doctor.

He often tends to wanna keep to himself - not liking to get involved in any form of arguments, altercations or shoot-outs.  He shows a lack of emotions when concerned with others, including that of Ruby who appears to have a crush upon him - and as much as she often tends to try and garner his attention back upon her, she often falls flat in her outcome.

Doyle (Portrayed by: Robert Sheehan) is the owner of the Saloon, where he works behind the bar.  He is the Nephew of Sheriff Jackson, who came to town to seek a new life.  More clumsy than helpful in helping the others on their jobs - he'll always try to bring a smile to people's faces though when they're down. He also appears to have set his sights, and heart upon one newcomer to town but unsure on how to capture her heart.

Ruby (Portrayed by: Molly C. Quinn) who is also known as 'Sunshine', is a spunky young red-headed girl, who is enthusiastic, hyper-active and always cheerful no matter where she finds herself, or up against - the only thing that tends to hurt her lately is her advances towards Doc being rejected or ignored.  She often finds herself caught between an appearance as that of a tomboy - and wanting to become a pretty, young woman complete with dresses and all.

She is an orphan, whose parents were murdered by Outlaws a year prior when she was only sixteen - before she escaped their further intentions of hurting her and much worse, and found herself arriving in town - but still suffers nightmares of the ordeal she went through at times.  She was taken in by Kat, who has tried to bring out the inner and outer beauty of her blossoming youth and is more a mother figure watching over her.

Deep down, Ruby is your quintessential sweetheart with a heart of gold.  A wholesome piece of America who genuinly cares about everyone in town, and even comes to care deeply about Nash - but more in the form of that of a brother/sister relationship, to which Nash reciprocates in his feelings towards her by always trying to protect her and keep her out of harms way.  You could say - she is the heart of everything in the town - someone who brings them all together when required to do so, and finds a way for all parties to work as one for the best of everyone and the town.

The Girl (Portrayed by: Lyndsy Fonseca) is a strange young woman, who appears locked in a secured room with no escape. She appears to hold powers beyond those of normal people and could be the key to everything about the town, it's secrets and a link to something with deeper, greater meaning beyond their own town.

From early indications - she appears to have the mindset at times of a child locked in a woman's body - appearing broken and waiting for them to be pieced back together which may just unleash something far deadlier, dangerous upon the world which could end up being a problem to all those around her.


The first series is likely to consist of ten episodes - which will explore each of the characters backgrounds, histories and possibly futures while dealing with weekly predicaments and the rise in power of President Andrew Johnson.

Click banner above to read online / or right-click and 'save target/link as' to download
84 Pages - PDF - 202 kbs

When former Confederate soldier - Captain Nash Quentin and his partner Tala, a Native-American arrive at the town of 'Purgatory' seeking sanctuary - it sets off a chain of events that change the landscape of this very special town, and some of the people who reside within it.

3 Guest Stars Featured In Pilot Episode Under Spoiler:

(click to show/hide)


As some will probably know - this was originally entitled 'Serenity' and based loosely on the Joss Whedon Firefly series, where I pitched it over at BZN, where it moved into the planning stages of further development - with some work done on sorting episode ideas out and discussions of possible storylines etc.

Unfortunately, I went missing for a number of months due to a few health reasons and family issues I had to deal with and upon returning discover BZN has now faded into obscurity  :(

So, I thought I'd shoot the pitch over here at MZPtv - seems like it's the same in-crowd that lurked around on the other board also.  But - I have made some changes, I don't know if for the better - or worse?? You decide!

I have ATTEMPTED to try and give this more of an 'Original' makeover than a fanfic type show - while they're still similarities to the Firefly show.  The title of the show has changed, as well as the name of all the main characters - yet - the concept idea is still similar, and still takes place in an old Western town with a slightly sci-fi edge/feel to some elements in the show.

The new original Pilot I wrote is virtually the same as before - but I have made some minor alterations to some scenes and added other slight ideas into the concept behind it now.

Anyway, enough of me rambling like 'Ruby' in the show :) She's just adorable!

Thoughts and feedback welcome on the pitch, and the Pilot episode - which is only a rewritten first draft, so may contain minor errors and other issues with the storyline.  If anyone finds any loopholes be grateful if could point them out.

Thanks for looking and enjoy reading!

If any Mods have any issues with this pitch - as don't know if rules changed then let me know and I'll sort asap.
« Last Edit: Sun Nov 30 2014, 12:40 by Stevie_G »

Offline Pete D. Gaskell

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Re: Purgatory (aka: Serenity) w/ Pilot Episode
« Reply #1 on: Sat Nov 1 2014, 22:49 »
Steve! Great to see you back!

Two options, really, as far as this goes:

- If you want to turn this back into Serenity again, we can transfer over your previous dev board and you can build on that;

- Or, if you want to continue on with this changed variant, which personally I'd be more in favour of, we'll let you loose to explore this one!

Like I say, I'd prefer you to stick with what you have now - the level of detail you've come up with here is great, and shows some serious thinking has been put into place to make this an original piece, which is what we like to see!  thup

Offline Stevie_G

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Re: Purgatory (aka: Serenity) w/ Pilot Episode
« Reply #2 on: Sun Nov 2 2014, 10:58 »
Thanks Pete, and good to be back.

I think personally, like yourself - I'd be more favourable on sticking with this new idea and name change as it gives it a slightly more original feel to the show, although can see it's influenced by Serenity/Firefly series - but then again, what concept isn't influenced in some way by something people have seen and taken snippets from.

I've just been over on BZN and I believe I've saved all the important stuff I had wrote up in the Development area in wordpad documents, like Bible info and episode ideas etc.  So if someone can set up a new Development Hub on here using the new title (Purgatory) when got time, and I'll see about transfering what info I have saved and post up from scratch - as some things i need to change (ie. names of characters, town etc) when posting it all up.

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Re: Purgatory (aka: Serenity) w/ Pilot Episode
« Reply #3 on: Sat Nov 8 2014, 23:49 »
Okay, while waiting for things to move along - just added an (rough - as may change) episode guide to the rest of season 1 under a spoiler cut in opening pitch post.

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Re: Purgatory (aka: Serenity) w/ Pilot Episode
« Reply #4 on: Sun Nov 9 2014, 13:41 »
Pete and Adam are away for the weekend, just to let you know. I'm sure we'll get together and take a more detailed look at this next week and keep you up to date.

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Re: Purgatory (aka: Serenity) w/ Pilot Episode
« Reply #5 on: Sat May 7 2016, 08:10 »
Is this Firefly but minus the space stuff?

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Re: Purgatory (aka: Serenity) w/ Pilot Episode
« Reply #6 on: Tue May 10 2016, 07:52 »
Pretty much, but still has sci-fi elements to it.