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Author Topic: Justice (DC Universe) - Writers Wanted  (Read 92 times)

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Justice (DC Universe) - Writers Wanted
« on: Wed Jan 10 2018, 14:27 »

"What started as a thirst for vengeance by one man, turned into a Foundation to fight for Justice!"

Interested in working on a show currently in early stages of development?

I'm still in the process with creating my other series which was green-lit for production (Purgatory) - so dividing my time between that and this.

I'm looking for anyone seriously interested in helping to develop the series:
Either as a writer - or an excellent opportunity to help develop your own pitch to work alongside / within this series.

I will state that the pitch has not been picked up as of this time
I have a huge amount already developed in this pitch, to take it forward to the next stage, so thought I'd send the Bat-Signal up.

This is an opportunity to come on board, to help in trying to outline / write, and be part of a creative development of a series and it's future plans.  It's also a wonderful opportunity for those who have an idea of their own they may wish to consider developing, but fearful of wishing to pitch their idea - featuring a stand-alone story, focusing on any character within the DC World - that could be wildly accepted as part of the larger DC Universe.

Imagine it as follows:  The current Marvel Netflix Franchise Universe (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist - The Defenders).  Stand-alone series focusing upon each of the character's worlds, while expanding into a larger World where one character may cameo on another - while also the huge possibility of multiple characters coming together, much further down the line - to fight for Justice in a one-off feature-length special.

You can find the Original Pitch in the Pitch section - link below:
Justice Pitch Found Here

The Pitch gives an idea of the show, as well as characters featured in Season One.

Or, you can Read the Pilot Episode by clicking on the banner below:
(click to show/hide)

What Is The Series About?

Justice is a series which is loosely based upon the 'Justice League' creation - but you don't necessarily need to use the same group of characters. You can virtually introduce / include any character or world from the DC Universe - offering a different look upon the Justice League group and format (Prior agreement of introduction of characters/worlds to be discussed before going into production)

The character's histories can be altered, allowing a fresh look upon a character's journey to becoming a Hero. Therefore, the opportunity to be creative with your ideas and develop new backstories can be endless. Season One will explore a major alteration, and new direction in Bruce Wayne's journey to gradually becoming Batman.

Development Of The Series:

Season One will consist of 6 Episodes, and feature the locations and characters of Gotham. It doesn't matter if you don't have a vast knowledge of the characters, as there is a wealth of information online to help you work from (which is what I have done for some). Each episode is roughly based around the 'Save The Cat' Beat Sheet, as I've discussed and used as examples elsewhere on MZPtv, and discussed briefly in the Series Bible.

Future Plans:

Ideas for Season Two, and it's new characters, have already been (roughly) noted - albeit, future seasons could introduce virtually any character from the DC Universe (the door is open to anyone you can imagine, as long as you have a grasp of what you want, and ideas for story-lines).

The character of 'Thomas Wayne' will be seen as the 'Samuel L Jackson' role of 'Nick Fury' in Marvel Cinematic Universe - visiting other DC Worlds, on a mission to bring together a group of Heroes to fight for Justice under his Foundation. Therefore, he will appear as either in a cameo role at end of series / or possibly larger role throughout all series - in other people's work and story-lines.

Future ideas can be done as one of two ways:

1.  The creator/writer develops their own stand-alone mini-series, featuring their characters - with possible minor cameos of other established characters that have already featured in previous seasons (ie. Gotham Characters, etc - with permission of writer). This will become part of a full season, with it's own 'sub-heading' title for those driven, and creative enough - to wish to develop their own mini-series - but also be featured as part of a larger formatted on-going series and, DC Universe of Superheroes.

2. The creator/writer develops a story-line telling their characters journey to becoming a Hero - and joining the Foundation, which can then be inter-weaved of several scenes during each episode of a full season - that is being wrote by myself / other writer. This allows the opportunity for multiple story-lines to be explored during a single season.  This is best for those not as creative / comfortable enough to write a full series on their own.

Positions Available:

Episode Writers

Anyone interested in attempting to write an episode.  You don't necessarily have to be a brilliant writer (I'm not, so no worries) - as even if you can write up a rough first draft of the episode from an outline that is developed and sent over, then I should be able to make edits/re-writes to your finished work - but you will get credit for writing the episode - as a Co-Writer, or if only minor edits needed - you will be given full credit as Writer.

I'm still in the process of attempting to outline the last four remaining episodes, so may take a little time as going a little slowly so be patient.

Currently Developed:

There may yet, still be minor alterations to the first two episodes wrote - resulting from further episodes and story-lines explored and development of the remaining episodes, yet to be outlined / wrote.  I have a rough idea of what each episode needs, but introducing new characters later, etc - will lead to scenes added in earlier episodes.
(click to show/hide)

That's it.  So if anyone is interested in helping out, either creatively or in some other way - message me.  Like I say, it's still a little in the early stages - but I believe has great potential to become something for MZPtv in 2018 - if developed correctly.  Thanks for looking, and your possible interest.

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Re: Justice (DC Universe) - Writers Wanted
« Reply #1 on: Fri Jan 19 2018, 12:57 »
Just to add that this will be one of the 'active 'pitches that stays live when we reboot in March 2018, so will be a solid opportunity for anybody wanting to get involved with writing moving forward.