developed by Lee A. Chrimes & Darren J. Eldred
based on characters created by Joss Whedon

From a disastrous mission on behalf of the Council and a battle to stop a sinister cult from resurrecting their demonic god, to arriving in New York as part of a plan to keep Buffy and her friends safe, and her eventual move into the Constantine Asylum and all the mayhem that followed, Faith’s journey is chronicled in this VDVD collection. The Suckerpunch Blues mini-series prequel and all five seasons of Faith are collected here, along with information about the cast and crew of every season. It’s never been easier to catch up with the complete adventure of your other favourite vampire Slayer!

Download the Complete Series VDVD


This VDVD boxset contains:
– All 12 episodes of Season One (PDF)
– All 13 episodes of Season Two (PDF)
– All 18 episodes of Season Three (PDF)
– All 13 episodes of Season Four (PDF)
– All 13 episodes of Season Five (PDF)
– The mini-series prequel ‘Suckerpunch Blues’ (PDF)

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