Daredevil – Complete Series Boxset

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Created by Stan Lee, Bill Everett, & Jack Kirby

Developed for VS by Ian Austin

“A man without fear is a man without hope!”

Matthew Murdock isn’t your average lawyer. His life was forever changed when toxic waste spilled into his eyes many a year ago, and granted him the ability to contradict his blind appearance. Gifted with enhanced senses, Matthew is able to deduce when someone is lying; where people are; and weather patterns. His senses are so enhanced that they seek to allow him to see more than the average human being, something he keeps under wraps so as not to alert anyone to his particular gifts.

Along with his best friend Foggy Nelson, Matthew seeks to clean up the streets during the day as a Lawyer. But at night, Matthew takes on the visage of a costumed vigilante known as Daredevil to restore order to Hell’s Kitchen.

This VDVD set contains:

* 9 season one episodes in PDF format
* 8 season two episodes in PDF format
* 7 season three episodes in PDF format
* Project X – 7 webisodes in PDF format
* Episode icons and other images from the original series run

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