‘Inhuman Condition’ in the news!

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MZPtv alumni RJ Lackie and his webseries Inhuman Condition have been featured in a web series spotlight blog post on nicegirlstv.com, a snippet of which we shall kindly reproduce below:

In early 2012, RJ Lackie completed writing a 100+ page web series that he called The Inhuman Condition, which won him a TARA Award at the Canadian University for which he attended. That web series was bought by Smokebomb Entertainment, part of the Shaftesbury Company, a film, television and digital media production company based in Toronto, Canada since 1987.

Fiction Vortex – MZPtv Kickstarter collaboration

Dear friends! Here’s one part of that exciting news we’ve been talking about – MZPtv is joining forces with our friends at Fiction Vortex to get behind a Kickstarter campaign to create an ongoing set of ‘serial boxes’, shared story worlds publishing weekly episodes across a variety of styles and genres.

We’ll let co-creator David Mark Brown start this off:

Fiction Vortex – Kickstarter

But why should I pledge to this?

Because this is an extension of what MZP has been doing for the last ten years. It’s no secret things need a shove around here to get the activity going again, and with others now starting on the ‘serial box’ bandwagon, it’s already lead to some inspiration towards rebuilding the blog website and forum to better serve the present day audience.

Plus, there are all manner of sweet stretch goals and backer rewards, not least of which is the potential for an MZPtv-branded serial box! We’re currently deciding on projects to pitch, but with so many amazing shows in MZP’s glorious back catalogue, there’s no end of possibilities here.

So, wait, is MZPtv closing or something?

Hells, no.

All we’re doing is getting behind a new initiative, helping bring new content to our community and ultimately starting our own fresh drive of updates and new content right here on MZPtv. There are plenty of people out there who want to be told epic tales and sweeping stories of drama, mystery, fantasy and romance, and we are going to damn well stuff our story juices into their big, greedy mouths. Or something.

So let’s get behind this, guys – the Kickstarter is live now and runs until September 9th. Let’s see what we can create!

MZPtv interviews Tony Black on FRONTIER (plus exclusive preview!)

Q) Many will be familiar with FRONTIER from the previous version in script format, but for those out of the loop, what is FRONTIER and who is it about?

A) An excellent starting question, if I may say so! FRONTIER is at its heart, a character drama wrapped around a mystery adventure. It all started from the acorn of my fascination with missing people, with those who just vanish either from their homes or on plane journeys etc… that have carved all these legends such as the Bermuda Triangle and such. What happens to these people? Did they just die in freak accidents we haven’t understood? Or are they still out there? And if so, what happened to them? Where did they go? You see so many stories based on the fallout from people who disappear, I wanted a story about what happened *to* those people who vanished, as well as on the flipside exploring that fallout.

The story ostensibly though is about the crew of the Icarus, a pioneering Mars lander in our near future, who vanish before taking a bold new step for mankind – and they are our way into a quite broad mystery and mythology that builds up around… well, wherever they end up! All are recognisably very human people, geniuses in their field but flawed & carrying around their own demons & secrets. There are a myriad other characters who will gain focus but the core of the FRONTIER saga is very much Kendrick, Emie, Lucas & Renee, and from the outset it’s certainly their story. Read more

MZPtv News Update: Trek! Tomb Raider! Prose Projects! And more…

Greetings, fellow VS fans. It’s been a hectic week of announcements as we gear up our full frontal assault on 2015. Here’s a quick round-up of the headlines:

TOMB RAIDER comes to MZPtv
Chris Davis and Brady Brown bring the relic hunting heroine into the VS world…

J.B. Gibson brings his Game of Thrones-esque idea to life…

Andrew Corvero returns to MZPtv with THE SMILE OF THE WHITE LADY
Fancy a bit of creeptastic horror? Then Andrew has the project for you…

Adam Scott and Kyle MacDonald boldly go into Trek’s past for this brand new story…

MZPtv expands into prose with FRONTIER and WAR OF AGES
Tony Black’s sci-fi tale and Li Robb’s fantasy epic will help launch a whole new fiction avenue for MZPtv…

As always, thanks for sticking by us, and we hope these new projects, as well as our upcoming slate, tickle your fancy.

Warm Regards,
The MZPtv Team

Brand New Pilot Movie! Captain America & The Howling Commandos

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Based on characters created by

Developed for VS by

When the Allied forces’ lead scientist, Howard Stark, is captured from a military base in Great Britain, President Roosevelt and head of the Strategic Scientific Reserve Jack Fury call together an emergency response team of highly-trained individuals to get Stark back. Summoned back to the front lines to lead the team is none other than the USA’s most famous war hero, Captain America, but when a broken man is left in charge of a team that refuses to work together, things may not go so smoothly…

(AIRDATE: January 27, 2014)

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