Eden – Complete Mini-Series Boxset


Written by Dino Leone

Eden: A small, quiet community, who look after their own and where everyone knows one another. But during the months of August through October 1990, the town suffered a series of child abductions. No one knew who the perpetrators were. Everyone began pointing the finger at one another. As the local law enforcement tried to contain and solve the baffling crimes, there could only be a tragic outcome to all of this.

On October 27th 1990, one of Eden’s prominent families was wiped out in a single night. Only one survived the massacre: a little girl named Elisha Aegis. For Elisha, the rest of her life wouldn’t be the same.

Twelve years later Elisha returns to Eden, together with her husband, Abel; she must come to terms with trauma of her childhood. But has she awakened a sleeping nightmare? The longer she stays in Eden; the details of that night begin to filter through. She starts seeing a pattern, despite what the evidence around stipulates.

This VDVD set contains:

— All 8 episodes in PDF format

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Chosen – Complete Mini-Series Boxset

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Written by Chris Haigh
Produced by A. J. Black

CHOSEN is a new, original five-part mini-series created and written by Chris Haigh.


The seedy underworld of modern day London seeps into a local church one bright September morning as a nun discovers the body of a young woman, trussed up in Satanic garb and markings, the blade of an ancient sacrificial dagger in her chest…

…and it’s up the London Metropolitan Police service to solve her brutal murder – led by strong, troubled and brilliant DI Ezra Thomas, DCI Henry Travers and their team of loyal officers and aided by Dr Laura McIntyre, a young, perky coroner.

However, nothing is as it seems as the murder investigation into young university student Lorelai Jacobs develops and the team are forced to confront a terrifying scenario, a decades-old conspiracy that winds its way to the highest conglomerate powers and the sudden, brutal dangers which their own face as they traverse deeper into an underworld none of them could have expected and have to deal with their own faith as unspeakable acts surround them in the darkness…

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Can't access the content? Then check out CHOSEN in our DIRECTORY