We’re very proud here at MZPtv as one of our own, Sarah-Jane Sheppard, has turned one of her virtual series (episodes written in script format and uploaded for readers to enjoy in that format alone) into a fully-fledged video webseries: V MORGAN IS DEAD. What was once “The Company” has undergone a few changes, but fans of the virtual series will certainly spot plenty of similarities. We wish Sarah-Jane the best of her luck on these continuing adventures.

Watch the first 3 episodes of the webseries below!

Directionless, quirky 20-something V Morgan dies and arrives on The Sixth Floor. Where she ends is where her story begins.

Directed By: Zoe Robyn
Written By: S. J. Sheppard & Mika Collin

NEW PODCAST: Tony Black’s “Pick A Flick!”

Is there a particular film you love, or have seen, that you wish more people knew about? Do you want to know fun, interesting and potentially quite surprising details about your favourite, and least favourite films?

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Designed to hand the power of film podcasting back to the audience, our rule is simple: we don’t pick the films we talk about – you do. Are you passionate about tacky romance films? Do you punch the air at the worst B-movies known to mankind? Secretly are you curious about films with a lot of boobies? Never fear! Your podcasters are here. There is no film we won’t watch, that we won’t study, that we won’t suffer. Then we will podcast about it in excruciating detail, all for you.

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Let the (hunger) games begin!