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We’re very proud here at MZPtv as one of our own, Sarah-Jane Sheppard, has turned one of her virtual series (episodes written in script format and uploaded for readers to enjoy in that format alone) into a fully-fledged video webseries: V MORGAN IS DEAD. What was once “The Company” has undergone a few changes, but fans […]

MZPtv/Fiction Vortex – Serial Box Prose Competition

Do you write prose? Do you want the chance to create a brand new series which will be self-published and sold as part of a wider, connected universe? Welcome then, MZPites, to an exciting new opportunity! You see Lee Chrimes and I have joined forces with a really cool new project called FICTION VORTEX, who […]

NEW PODCAST: Tony Black’s “Pick A Flick!”

Is there a particular film you love, or have seen, that you wish more people knew about? Do you want to know fun, interesting and potentially quite surprising details about your favourite, and least favourite films? If you answered yes, then PICK A FLICK! is the podcast for you. Designed to hand the power of film […]

MZPtv interviews Tony Black on FRONTIER (plus exclusive preview!)

Q) Many will be familiar with FRONTIER from the previous version in script format, but for those out of the loop, what is FRONTIER and who is it about? A) An excellent starting question, if I may say so! FRONTIER is at its heart, a character drama wrapped around a mystery adventure. It all started […]

MZPtv News Update: Trek! Tomb Raider! Prose Projects! And more…

Greetings, fellow VS fans. It’s been a hectic week of announcements as we gear up our full frontal assault on 2015. Here’s a quick round-up of the headlines: — TOMB RAIDER comes to MZPtv Chris Davis and Brady Brown bring the relic hunting heroine into the VS world… — MZPtv commissions SINS OF AN ANCIENT […]