What does MZPtv do?

MZPtv is a website/forum dedicated to helping writers, new and experienced, develop and promote their ideas for “Virtual Series” and “Virtual Movies”, otherwise known as “scripted fiction”, or prose serials.

It’s a community where new writers can learn the ropes and either get involved with writing for and working on an existing show, or make a start on one of their own.

And it’s a place for more experienced virtual series producers to find staff to help them work on their own shows, as well as finding an audience to promote their shows to.

What is a “Virtual Series”?

An online series of screenplays that work as a “real” TV show would, just not filmed or put on TV. Each series is written by talented writers from all over the world, sometimes solo, sometimes in a team. A Virtual Series will typically have anywhere between 8 and 24 episode seasons, each episode being a script that represents a 22 minute comedy episode (around 25 pages) or 42 minute drama episode (around 50 pages)  of the show itself.

Each script is uploaded to our website and posted both there and on our forums, for people to then open and read at their leisure. Each series has a schedule, usually weekly — much like a real television series. Some shows air on an unscheduled basis, posting episodes whenever they’re finished.

MZPtv strives to produce scripted fiction of a high quality, and provide all the thrills, laughs and excitement you’d get from a real television series or movie.

Virtual Series often have “fantasy casting”, where the producers of each show will pick a real actor or actress that they think would best fit the role. None of these actors have any association with MZPtv, and the act of fantasy casting is purely for fun.

How do I join? What are the benefits?

Sign up for a membership by using the ‘Register’ link at the top of our community forums.

The benefits are that members get newsletters and updates of what’s going on at MZPtv, as well as the ability to join in with any of our shows, either as a writer or as a producer. We have a thriving community of writers and readers who enjoy chatting about all manner of topics, including television, books, and movies, as well as helping each other improve their writing (both script and prose).

I have an idea for a Virtual Series. How do I tell you about it?

Sign up for a membership by using the ‘Register’ link at the top of our community forums.

Introduce yourself and get involved by joining in with whatever discussions you like. We want people to be ingrained with our community before we “pick up” your Virtual Series to air on the MZPtv website and forums.

When you think you’re ready, you can “pitch” your idea on the forums. Our staff and members will look over and see if it’d be something that would interest an audience.

What about movies or mini-series?

We cater for both Movies and Mini-Series ideas. Again, just shoot your idea into our forum.

I want to write for one of your shows. How do I sign up?

Head for the Calling All Staffers! board and check if there are currently any available positions. We’re always looking for new staff members.

Typically, the relevant show’s producer will contact you and ask to see some samples of your work before giving you a job. If you’re new to screenwriting, don’t worry — we can offer any advice you might need.

I already have a virtual series. How do I get it on to MZPtv to get some more viewers?

You can use our contact page to get in touch and tell us about it! We’ll try and find a way to air your series on our website/forums and promote it to the wider world.

Don’t forget, we also accept video web series and prose serials, too.

Do you air video web series on your website?

We don’t currently have a section for video web series, but we’re happy to promote them via other means — such as posting blog entries about them or posting a thread on our community forums. If you’ve got a web series that you’d like to promote, we’d be happy to discuss it with you, and maybe set up affiliate links between both of our sites. You can use our contact page to get in touch

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