MZPtv Reboot 2018

It’s been a long time coming. It’s safe to say things ain’t what they used to be on the dusty frontier that is online fiction. Since MZPtv’s arrival in early 2004, we’ve released hundreds of TV scripts, screenplays and more, crafted multiple fully-formed seasons of virtual series entertainment and thrilled, delighted and frustrated our loyal […]

‘Inhuman Condition’ in the news!

MZPtv alumni RJ Lackie and his webseries Inhuman Condition have been featured in a web series spotlight blog post on nicegirlstv.com, a snippet of which we shall kindly reproduce below: In early 2012, RJ Lackie completed writing a 100+ page web series that he called The Inhuman Condition, which won him a TARA Award at the Canadian […]


Here’s a random selection of past, present and future MZPtv projects.

About Us

MZPtv is a long-running web fiction community of amateur and aspiring writers, where our users have committed countless hours to writing various types of fiction for people’s reading pleasure. Though our primary output has been the Virtual Series (fiction written in screenplay format, “aired” online in a similar structure to a TV series), we accept a variety of different content types, including prose, audio, and video.

None of the fanfic properties here belong to us, and no profit is being made on these copyrighted materials. None of the actors or actresses have any association with MZPtv.

All work is purely fan-made and for the enjoyment of our readers.

MZPtv also strives to provide our community with all sorts of writing tips, resources, articles, links, and recommended reading, along with plenty of entertainment-related discussion and silliness.